How to Overcome Overwhelm (w/ Baiju Solanki)

For today’s episode, I invited Business Coach Baiju Solanki to discuss the various ways you can overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed by your business. We’ll also talk about how business is a game, and how knowing its rules can help you create the perfect game plan.

Taking Action With a Positive Mindset (w/ Will Polston)

For today’s episode, I invited mindset strategist Will Polston to talk about how your very own mindset can affect the way you project yourself towards success. We will also talk about how taking action on your goals is only effective when you’re taking action on your actions.

How to Build Audience on Clubhouse (w/ Lauren Tickner)

In today’s episode, I have with me a fitness instructor and entrepreneur: Lauren Tickner!

Lauren Tickner helps people launch and scale online courses and coaching businesses, featured on forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurs. She just turned 24 and traveled the world and now is settling in Dubai.

Working with Introverts (w/ Susanna Reay)

Hey everyone!

In today’s episode, I invited Susanna Reay and we talked about how introverts are as entrepreneurs. By the way, Susanna works and helps introvert business owners.

How to Practice Gratitude Daily (w/ David Scheiner)​

Did you know that tapping your chest opens up the gratitude channels in your body?

In this episode, I brought David Scheiner on the show and we talked about how we could practice gratitude as entrepreneurs and high achievers, and get ourselves into the mode of manifestation and creation.

The Law of Attraction in Business application, and using your inner compass (w/ Stephanie Fiteni)

Hey everyone!
Welcome to the Commit FIrst Podcast and today on the show we discussed some topics that can change your life if you put them to use.
I brought on Stephanie Fiteni, who’s an online marketing coach – but we didn’t talk about marketing! We talked about topics such as The Law of Attraction applied to business and even tech-related tasks you have to handle, we talked about something I call The Island Theory, and Stephanie also shared her story about how her body had to intervene her hustle.