Episode #78: How to Build Audience & Grow your online business on Clubhouse (w/ Lauren Tickner)

Hey everyone! 

Today I had the pleasure to have Lauren Tickner back on the show to talk about her massive Clubhouse growth!

Lauren has been on the show before (Episode #44 of the podcast) and since then only expanded her coaching empire.

Lauren helps people launch and scale online courses and coaching businesses. 
She was featured on Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurs.

Lauren is only 24 years old but besides building her business she already got to travel the world and now is settling in Dubai.

Lauren and I talked about Clubhouse (which is pretty new at the time of this recording),  
what are the different factors to consider when starting a new program or business, 
and we also got to talk about SOPs and building teams.

Tune in as she shares different tips on growing your audience and business on Clubhouse and ways on how you can make your own team as efficient as possible.

Enjoy the episode!

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Links & Resources from the show

Where to find Lauren:

Key Points from the Podcast

  • Recap of Lauren’s past 2 years
  • About Clubhouse.
  • Factors to consider when starting a new program
  • Building your own team.
  • How to manage SOPs in a practical manner?
  • How does the flow in the clubhouse work?
  • Money making messaging method
  • Voice message versus text messages

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