The Common Path to Uncommon Success (w/ John Lee Dumas)

Hey everyone, In this short interview I brought on John Lee Dumas back on the show to talk to him about his new book “The Common Path to Uncommon Success”

This was a short 13 minute interview but – we shared the first exercise out of the book that you can do RIGHT NOW!

Dig in and get going!

And be sure to pre-order the book on

The Strategies in Building an Agency (w/ Monica Louie)

Monica Louie is known as a Facebook ads coach for entrepreneurs. She owns a 9 people agency, including herself, that help her in her podcast, online course for coaching, speaking and Facebook ads coaching.

Before the agency, Monica started with private coaching and her network reached out for help with their Facebook advertisements. At the end of 2017, she started to build a course where she could help coach a lot of people for a low price. She then slowly hired people to help her manage Facebook ads for businessmen who asked for her help.

Committing to your Passion (w/ Daniel Rusteen)

Daniel Rusteen is a location-independent digital nomad having lived in 50+ cities exclusively sleeping in Airbnbs (1,000+ nights) while remotely managing Airbnb properties across the globe and helping Airbnb hosts be successful. In his free time, he is an author, cook, bodybuilder, YouTuber, heavy reader, and blogger about self-improvement, dating, Airbnb, travel, and productivity. In high school and college, he earned money by playing online poker. In 2009, he started investing in stock market (now: options, shorts, cryptocurrency, credit loans, mutual funds

Get over the fear of building an audience online (w/ Bob Gentle)

Bob Gentle provides digital marketing training and helps digital entrepreneurs and business owners around the world discover, set, and achieve their goals online. He helps marketers avoid analysis paralysis, and micro-business owners and solopreneurs build their online presence and audience. Bob runs the biggest digital agency in Scotland. But while his business continued to grow, his fears of becoming someone he did not want to become also grew. In the episode, Bob reflected about his thoughts – that this is not what he wants for the next 15 to 20 years of his life.

Brian Buirge – Exploring Risks in Life

Exploring risks in life is not something that can easily be decided or done. In today’s episode, I brought on Brian Buirge on the show – an entrepreneur and the owner of Good Fucking Design Advice – one of my favorite brands ever.

Andrea Bronzini – The Secrets of Personality Types

Personality types: If you’ve never heard about them, and also if you have – you’re in for a treat with this episode! In today’s show, I talked to Andrea Bronzini – a Data-driven Growth Coach for entrepreneurs and website owners, about the different personality types.

The 4 Success Mindsets with Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D

I bet you’re just like me – constantly thinking – How can I improve? How can I take myself to the next level? Are there specific things that I’m doing right now that can hold me back from achieving my goals or my full potential on this earth? Ryan is a cutting-edge Leadership & Mindset coach that helps entrepreneurs & organizational leaders to identify their current mindsets and then shape them to become the next version of themselves.

Blake Houston – Committing to your Health and Wellness

In this episode I talk to Blake Houston – a holistic fitness and wellness personal trainer and an inspiring human being. Blake is a practitioner of a lot of the biohacks most of us just read about and so I wanted to pick his brain about these kind of stuff and mostly about his MINDSET!