The Power of Having a Vision (w/ Gloria & Horiany)

On this episode, I invited entrepreneurs Gloria & Horiany to talk about the struggles they went through in Venezuela, fighting tooth and nail against all kinds of challenges. They explain how their success was worth all of the lightless nights they worked through without a single flicker of electricity. As long as they maintained the vision in their minds, they were dedicated to seeing their business’s growth through.

How to Take Action on Your Dreams (w/ Scott Voelker)

On this release, we’ll be recalling the topics I covered with Scott Voelker about how we can take the right set of actions and turn our dreams into reality. Tune in as we cover a portion of his book, the “Take Action Effect,” which talks about the elaborate plan he devised to help himself and other entrepreneurs find success. Scott emphasizes the importance of mindset and how taking out “Mental trash”- which hinders you from finally working on your goals- is very important. Have you stopped making excuses, and finally started working on goals that you only used to talk about WANTING to work on?

The 4 Types of Mindsets (w/ Ryan Gottfredson)

For this week’s show, we’ll go back to the time I invited Mindset Coach and author Ryan Gottfredson to talk about the different types of mindsets and explain how the way we perceive life fundamentally controls how we think about or react to it. Ryan explains that these mindsets generally dictate the way a person treats a situation, or new information that comes into their view. Once we are aware of how we see things, we can tweak our viewpoint in order to make it work to our advantage.

How to Craft Your Identity to Build Your Dream Life (w/ Anthony Trucks)

For this video, I invited former NFL player and ex-American Ninja Warrior Anthony Trucks to talk about the Identity Shift, the process of controlling your identity to change your life and the traits that make up who you are. With the Shift Method, Anthony explains that you can become the future self that you dream to be, with almost any trait that you desire to obtain- in time. Join us as we tackle different phases that take place during one’s identity shift, and the specific steps and nitty-gritty details on how you can further improve your self-improvement game plan.

A Message You Need To Hear (w/ Terrance X Johnson)

For this episode, I invited former Disney Executive Terrance X Johnson to share a very important message about growth. We’ll also be discussing different growth-hindering struggles that emerged in our entrepreneurial journeys, and the values and mindsets we learned to overcome them with. Terrance explains that we are able to overcome fear if we learn to embrace reality and live in the now. If we learn to focus more on what’s going on rather than what MIGHT or might never even) happen, we can avoid feeling the adverse consequences of an outcome that’s real only in our heads.

How to CRUSH OVERWHELM & Gain Complete Clarity on Where to Take Your Business (w/ Anna Lundberg)

For this episode, I invited Anna Lundberg- founder of One Step Outside- to talk about the many ways of getting one’s self unstuck from an overwhelming and unproductive state, to a higher level of frequency that allows you to achieve greater clarity and focused energy towards your lifelong dreams and goals. Anna Lundberg is the founder of One Step Outside, where she helps experienced professionals around the world design a career, a business and a lifestyle that brings them more freedom, flexibility and fulfilment – outside of the conventional 9 to 5.

Overcome Adversity Through Laughter (w/ Pete Cann)

For this episode, I invited one of the most cheerful yogis around- Pete Cann, The Laughter Man. Today, he will be discussing his very own journey as an entrepreneur and laughter yogi. He will also share his own tips and tricks on how to give your life a little more joy through voluntary, uncontrollable and therapeutic laughter. Owning a chef employment agency for the last 13 years, Pete found an opportunity to help himself and many others around the world through laughter. Now called Canned Laughter, his company has helped employees improve their mood within their workplace, resulting in a more positively charged increase in their productivity. Who doesn’t like a good laugh?

How to Create Freedom (In Your Life & In Your Business) (w/ Simon Severino)

On today’s episode, I invited Simon Severino so that he could share his personal journey, and the valuable lessons he learned that ultimately contributed to his life and business’s growth. Tune in as we talk about various topics revolving around values, priorities, as well as how to properly utilize them in order to improve your schedule and upscale your business. We’ll also take a deep dive into the story of his own company, Strategy Sprints, and where it all started for Simon.

Invest in Yourself – Or Else (w/ Bob Gentle)

Today’s episode features our returning guest and business coach Bob Gentle as we talk about “Masterminds.” Forming your own Mastermind is one of the most helpful self-investments out there. What’s a Mastermind? A Mastermind group is a meeting between multiple peers with the objective of giving each other helpful advice. The goal is to give and receive your own advice or life lessons to each other in order to collectively benefit and grow. To form a mastermind group, you should find at least five or six of other fellow entrepreneurs who share similar ideals with you.

Having The Vision For Success (w/ Pete Everitt)

For today’s episode, I invited Digital Strategist and entrepreneur Pete Everitt to talk about how goals can be overwhelming, and how sometimes we encounter hurdles in figuring out how to find the bridge connecting point A and our visualized point B. Fortunately, Pete’s here to help us properly manage big goals by breaking them down into smaller chunks and deconstructing them.