Starting Your Way on Clubhouse (w/ Delice Lewis)

In today’s episode, we have Andrew Sillitoe, who I met in Youpreneur in London. Andrew is a moderator of one of the big rooms in Clubhouse. We talked about what Clubhouse is and how to win in it.

How to Build Audience on Clubhouse (w/ Lauren Tickner)

In today’s episode, I have with me a fitness instructor and entrepreneur: Lauren Tickner!

Lauren Tickner helps people launch and scale online courses and coaching businesses, featured on forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurs. She just turned 24 and traveled the world and now is settling in Dubai.

Working with Introverts (w/ Susanna Reay)

Hey everyone!

In today’s episode, I invited Susanna Reay and we talked about how introverts are as entrepreneurs. By the way, Susanna works and helps introvert business owners.

How to Practice Gratitude Daily (w/ David Scheiner)​

Did you know that tapping your chest opens up the gratitude channels in your body?

In this episode, I brought David Scheiner on the show and we talked about how we could practice gratitude as entrepreneurs and high achievers, and get ourselves into the mode of manifestation and creation.

The Law of Attraction in Business application, and using your inner compass (w/ Stephanie Fiteni)

Hey everyone!
Welcome to the Commit FIrst Podcast and today on the show we discussed some topics that can change your life if you put them to use.
I brought on Stephanie Fiteni, who’s an online marketing coach – but we didn’t talk about marketing! We talked about topics such as The Law of Attraction applied to business and even tech-related tasks you have to handle, we talked about something I call The Island Theory, and Stephanie also shared her story about how her body had to intervene her hustle.

The Common Path to Uncommon Success (w/ John Lee Dumas)

Hey everyone, In this short interview I brought on John Lee Dumas back on the show to talk to him about his new book “The Common Path to Uncommon Success”

This was a short 13 minute interview but – we shared the first exercise out of the book that you can do RIGHT NOW!

Dig in and get going!

And be sure to pre-order the book on

The Strategies in Building an Agency (w/ Monica Louie)

Monica Louie is known as a Facebook ads coach for entrepreneurs. She owns a 9 people agency, including herself, that help her in her podcast, online course for coaching, speaking and Facebook ads coaching.

Before the agency, Monica started with private coaching and her network reached out for help with their Facebook advertisements. At the end of 2017, she started to build a course where she could help coach a lot of people for a low price. She then slowly hired people to help her manage Facebook ads for businessmen who asked for her help.

Committing to your Passion (w/ Daniel Rusteen)

Daniel Rusteen is a location-independent digital nomad having lived in 50+ cities exclusively sleeping in Airbnbs (1,000+ nights) while remotely managing Airbnb properties across the globe and helping Airbnb hosts be successful. In his free time, he is an author, cook, bodybuilder, YouTuber, heavy reader, and blogger about self-improvement, dating, Airbnb, travel, and productivity. In high school and college, he earned money by playing online poker. In 2009, he started investing in stock market (now: options, shorts, cryptocurrency, credit loans, mutual funds