Commit First w/ Sagi Shrieber (Feat. Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jason Zook, Paul Jarvis, and more) Episode 126: 5 Tips To Start Leveling Up Your Fitness



5 Tips To Start Leveling Up Your Fitness

In this episode, I will answer a question that was sent to me by one of my followers. The questions is:

“Hey Sagi, I’ve been following you for years and it seems that in recent years you made a significant change in the way that you approach life and health and your fitness and I wonder how I can level up my fitness and teach myself to be persistent. Persistent in training and in nutrition, and basically get to new higher grounds. How can I do that? Can you give me some tips? Even if they involve paying someone or something like that? I would love to know.”

And I will answer this with the 5 things you need to know in order to level up your mental gain, your fitness, and your nutrition all in one take. Let’s begin.

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Timestamps & Gold Gems:

#1 Hire a Coach

[1:42 – 1:53] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem 

Number one, get coaches for whatever you wanna excel at. It’s not one quote for everything, and a lot of people are not even investing in themselves in hiring a proper coach

[3:20 – 3:45] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

You know our ignorance sometimes, it’s like preventing us from actually knowing what we need in order to have clarity of vision and actually have a vision in the first place. And so when we get a coach, they help us understand first, like what do we need to aim for? What do we wanna aim for? What is the difference between the goals that we can strive for? Then we can get to choose and pick, and they will help us get there

[5:48 – 6:20 ] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

So if you work with the right professionals in every field, then you get to where you need to go. Tip number one, like I said, hire a coach and hire multiple coaches and coach for everything you need. The right professionals that will be there on your team. Imagine yourself as the boxer, the professional athlete, and on your ring side. That’s where you need to form the team that will give you the proper guidance. And also help you throughout the camp to get to where you need to go and win the fight

#2 Become a Student and Practitioner of Persistence

[ 6:43 – 6:59 ] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

In order to become a student and practitioner of persistence, let’s understand what persistence is. So the meaning and the definition of persistence is to continue to do something in a determined way, even when facing challenges and opposition

[9:04 – 9:28 ] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

People with a fixed mindset would get to a point where they try to go to the gym or muscles hurt, or even maybe they got really, really strained or injured like slightly at the gym the first time, whatever, they will quit because they would say, maybe it’s not for me.

The people with the growth mindset would say, oh, I’m feeling my muscles are aching. Yes, that means I’m making progress. Those are the growth minded people

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[ 9:56- 10:17 ] Sagi Shrieber

So episode number 67 is about the four types of mindset and there’s also episode number 51 with Dr. Ryan Gottfredson, which is an amazing episode. And there’s a new episode, it’s episode number 120. Episode number 120 is amazing, also with Dr. Ryan Gottfredson. Each of them is just gold, so enjoy these episodes and let me know how you find them. 

[10:18 – 10:42 ] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

You have to understand what procrastination is because a lot of the times we procrastinate on doing something we know we need to do, that we even committed to, but then we don’t do it. Why don’t we do it? Well, we don’t do it because we procrastinate on it, but then we need to understand what procrastination is. Procrastination is basically the avoidance of doing something that you know is difficult, but you need to do. 

#3 Make Time & #4 Re-align your Values 

[12:25 – 12:44 ] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

Our families don’t have us if we, don’t have us, our family won’t have us. So the value of family completely is just gone if we don’t take care of yourself, if we don’t put ourselves first. And so check yourself, check your values. What are your values? Now, if you value your mental and physical health, make time for it.

[13:20 – 13:41] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

I did what I call the 9-12 club where I slept until like 7:00 AM when needed to wake up and get the kids ready for school and everything instead of waking up early for a morning routine, which is the preferred way of an entrepreneur to kind of like wake up before the whole world wakes up and wants you on their agenda and you need to serve your kids and your family. 

#5 Just Start

[15:16 – 15:36] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

So just start. I mean, it’s so easy not to start, that’s procrastination like we talked about before. But the start thing is so important. 

So when I was designing, I remember someone gave me a tip. He said, Sagi, you know what? The hardest thing about any project is starting the project is actually like opening Photoshop and starting to design things in Photoshop

[16:30 – 16:20] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem

So what is it for you? Maybe it’s like putting even your fitness shoes on. Maybe it’s getting out the door. Like do it step by step. Don’t procrastinate on small steps. It’s very easy to procrastinate on a large thing, but when it comes to the little thing, it’s so easy. Drive to the gym. Go to the gym. Okay. We’ll do it step by step.

[15:59 – 16:48] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem

Have patience. Maybe that’s the sixth thing, I guess. But it’s kinda like when you start, don’t let people expect immediate results for anything that they do. Persistence is not about just mental and physical fitness, nutrition, getting leaner or gaining mass, like it’s a process and it’s a process of years.


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