Commit First w/ Sagi Shrieber (Feat. Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jason Zook, Paul Jarvis, and more) Episode 125: Mastermind: Finding the Right Mentor, Coach and Friends, to Grow your Business with



Mastermind: Finding the Right Mentor, Coach and Friends, to Grow your Business with

In this episode, I actually flew out all the way from Israel to attend the MASTERMIND and I wanna kind of talk to you about my takeaways, why I attend Mastermind or some potential pitfalls when attending these kind of events because I think a lot of people are still not investing in themselves as they should.

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Timestamps & Gold Gems:

[0:43 – 1:27] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

I think attending Mastermind is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your business. The reason I’m saying it is because in business it’s a lonely journey. All right. It’s also like a spiritual journey where you develop yourself and being lonely on a journey, which is a spiritual journey, sucks.

And there’s this feeling like the whole world, like, you know, so many forces are against you and you have so many choices, but each choice can lead to a complete disaster. While some choices can lead to a lot of success, I’m talking about monetary success, but I’m also talking about like, success when it comes to like building what you want to build in the world, because you can work very hard on your business, but basically you get to a point where you’re not happy you can do that.

[2:20 – 2:45] Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem

Surround yourself with, first of all, a mentor, a coach, mostly like a mentor, someone that you can look up to and that can help you, guide you in the right direction, that mentor needs to be three things. 

One, someone who’s achieved success in what you wanna achieve success in.

Two, you need to align with their values 100%. If you don’t align with their values, you know, don’t go to them. 

Three, he needs to also show up for his people in a way that you wanna show up for your people later on. 

[3:07 – 3:29 ]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem

You wanna make sure to always surround yourself with great people that will move you forward. Those people are the connections that you’re gonna have for years to come. Great friends that you’re gonna be working with, collaborating with, and you know, really moving forward with in a long haul. And I think that those people would push you higher. And those are the people that you wanna make sure that you grow with

[3:50 – 4:04 ]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem

Knowledge is very important. Knowledge is key. We all know that, but when you consume knowledge, make sure you consume it from the right people in the right settings. And mastermind is a great way to consume knowledge and go deep on a topic and into your business. 

[4:04 – 4:28 ]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem

Knowledge is power because it’s not the things that we know that we need to do that will push us towards success. It’s actually most of the things that we don’t know ,that we don’t know. Right. And the things that sometimes we do know, that we need to do that are so simple, but we overthink them or  you know, we’re not holding ourselves accountable to them because we procrastinate, because it’s not convenient for us to do.

Topic: Possible Pitfalls

[5:10 – 5:28 ]Sagi Shrieber

Some mastermind settings where you have a lot of people breaking out each other’s businesses are kind of getting it wrong, some of them. Because either you get yourself into a mastermind with the wrong people, people that are not smarter than you, people that are not in the same game as you even, which is completely wrong.

[6:10 – 6:26 ]Sagi Shrieber 

The answers are within you. They can give you ideas, either by asking you questions or by telling a case study of how they implemented something in their business or saw someone implementing the same thing.

But make sure that they don’t tell you what you need to do because that’s dangerous,

[7:07 – 7:33]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem

Lastly, a couple of tips when in the mastermind. One, form authentic relationships. Just every second you got, just go and network with people and I think two, is take action on what you need to do.

Maybe after a session, go aside and kind of map it out, journal about it, or map out the actual action items that you need to do or send some stuff to your team. Write a lot of notes, take them home, review them. Don’t leave everything in the Mastermind.


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