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How Affirmations Work

Today we’re gonna talk about how affirmations work. Before we get into that, we need to discover why affirmations in the first place, why do we need them? I will also talk about some tips in order to make affirmations work. Even if you don’t believe it yet, you will see how powerful they are.

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Belief System and How the Brain Works

[1:30 – 2:06]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

The belief system is basically comprised of neural networks that are in our brain, in order to create some kind of purpose for anything that comes out of the external world. 

Let’s talk about how the brain works for a second. So whenever we have some kind of external stimulus, for instance, we see something or we hear something, something that comes through our senses or just sparks in our neocortex in like thoughts, memories, you know, in our brain. And so what happens is we automatically process those thoughts or information and give them meaning. Meaning is sometimes, emotions.

[5:48 – 6:15]Sagi Shrieber

A neural network that was formed when you were five years old starts gaining evidence from that day onward until you’re about 35, 38, whatever age you are right now, and all these years of collecting evidence just make you really, really sure of that knowledge, thought, wisdom that you think you have might not be the truth. It’s just a neural network, sometimes we’re not even aware of those neural networks.

[7:40 – 8:07]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem  

We don’t control our feelings. We don’t control the external stimulus. What do we control in life then? How can we not move about just like robots, you know, determine how we were kind of wired and programmed when we were kids?

The only thing that we can control are our thoughts and starting to change neural networks. Actually, it’s starting to build new neural networks on top of the existing ones that we want to change.

Inner Chatter

[9:31 – 9:56]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem 

Think about how many conversations you have in every single day and what is the percentage that you have them with other people, and what is the percentage that you have them with yourself? You probably have way more with yourself, right. And who is that person talking to you? Well, turns out the person that’s talking to you, probably in most cases, according to studies, is the voice of your caregivers when you were a child.

[11:06 – 11:23]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem 

One tip for that, besides affirmations by the way, is to talk to yourself in third person. And a lot of professional athletes and people who got to great achievements, claim to be talking to themselves in third person, including I think Muhammad Ali and all the big stars. That’s in order to achieve greatness, you kinda have to coach yourself.

How Does Affirmations Work?

[11:33 – 11:54]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem 

Affirmations work, by you, repeating thoughts or something you wanna instill in your subconscious, multiple times. Hopefully you are reading it out loud. The reason you wanna read it out loud is because we as humans, we tend to learn and understand that we understand better by the ears. Like whatever we hear coming through our ears into our brain. 

[13:09 – 13:29]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem 

This is a tip for anyone who tried affirmations and it didn’t work for you. Think about it like that. You tried, it didn’t work for you.

So what are you doing now? Now you have to get over that hurdle, okay? You have to understand that this is what your body, your mind, your thought process is trying to, is basically fighting against this new belief because it doesn’t believe it

[14:11 – 14:28]Sagi Shrieber ⭐Gold Gem 

You have to get over that hurdle, where you repeat it over and over, and at the beginning, you won’t believe it. Slowly but surely, you’ll not even need to believe it because now that new neural pathway is just starting out, and now it’s starting to collect evidence without you even recognizing it.


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