Commit First w/ Sagi Shrieber (Feat. Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jason Zook, Paul Jarvis, and more) Episode 133: Best Selling Author & Mosaic Founder, Erwin McManus on Spirituality, Entrepreneurship & Relationships



Episode 133: Best Selling Author & Mosaic Founder, Erwin McManus on Spirituality, Entrepreneurship & Relationships

Today on the show, we have Erwin McManus. He is an amazing spiritual thought leader and creative who’s creating businesses, but also wrote books with over a million copies sold. I have seen ’em talk at the Summit of Greatness, which is an amazing conference, which only a handful of amazing, inspiring people get to talk to every year, and Erwin was one of the speakers.

He blew me away, I reached out, and I got him to come on the podcast and talk to you all about the things that actually, are connected to our being, which are communication, spirituality, desires, how to overcome challenges, how to find your passion and work on what you love, how to live a happier life, how to make sense of life.

This guy is just an amazing, inspiring, wise human being, a philosopher, but also a spiritual teacher, and also a coach for billion-dollar earning entrepreneurs. So everything brings together this amazing human being called Erwin McManus. Guys, enjoy the show, and don’t forget to share it if you like what you heard. Let’s Begin!

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(Timestamps & Gold Gems)

[09:51 – 10:34] Erwin McManus ⭐Gold Gem
What really struck me was the one thing that humans can do that no other species can do is humans can materialize the invisible human beings can actually have an idea and translate that idea into reality. And one of the things we talked about at the Summit of Greatness was that humans create futures in the same way that silkworms create silk. And beavers naturally intrinsically create dams and ants create colonies, and bees create beehives and honey, humans create futures. But it’s so intrinsic to who we are that we do not realize that’s our unique contribution to all the species on the planet.

[13:05 – 13:46] Erwin McManus ⭐Gold Gem 
I’m absolutely convinced that if you want to find proof of God, look at human nature. Human beings were created to dream, and to imagine, and to create. It’s one of the things I love telling people is, look, you were born in the imagination of God. God imagined you before you existed. In that sense, God dreamed about you before you ever had your first dream. And but you were, imagined to imagine, and you were created to create. And that every human being is both a work of art and an artist at work. And I just love the fact that the best reflection of the image of God is when a human being creates good in the world.

Topic: The 7 Frequencies of Communication
[23:07 – 24:01] Erwin McManus ⭐Gold Gem  

I’m just gonna lay ’em out real quick. There’s a frequency called MOTIVATOR, which inspires and encourages. There’s a frequency called CHALLENGER that calls people out and calls people up. There’s a frequency called COMMANDER that tells people what to do and takes authority and control. There’s a frequency called HEALER that sees everyone as broken and they want to bring healing and care. There’s a frequency called the PROFESSOR. They think all that matters is the information and the facts, and all they want to do is create a transference of knowledge. There’s a frequency called SEER, and they’re vision casters. They’re visionaries and they elevate the room by helping people see a different picture of the future, a bigger picture of their life and of the world. And then there’s a frequency called the MAVEN, and a maven is a psychological mental disruptor. They change paradigms, they change the way you see reality. Those are the seven frequencies. 

[35:11 – 36:00] Erwin McManus ⭐Gold Gem 
I think one of the great challenges people have is that they keep trying to find their purpose in their career or in their job, or in what they do. And actually, your purpose should be rooted in who you are, who you’re becoming, not what you’re doing. Because, if your purpose is your job and you lose your job, you’ve lost your purpose. If your purpose is your career and you’ve lost your career, you’ve lost your purpose. If your purpose is your success and then you have a downturn and you lose that success, you’ve lost your purpose. And that’s why so many people go through a crisis of purpose is because their purpose was externalized in something that was outside of their control. When your purpose is outside of your control, you’re in danger of losing your purpose. The only thing within your control is the person you choose to become.

[38:27 – 39:10] Erwin McManus ⭐Gold Gem
So I said, all right, you’ve lost that billion dollars, but you’ve gained a billion dollars worth of experience. You’re not the same person you were. You’re like exponentially more powerful, more knowledgeable, and you are bringing so much more to the table now than you did then. So if you could create a billion dollars from the person you were then, how much can you create with the person you are now?  And I’ve watched all of them rise back up, because it’s not about having a million dollars or a billion dollars, it’s about the person that makes you, the person you must become, to create that kinda wealth and that kind of future.

[46:30 – 46:57]  Erwin McManus ⭐Gold Gem
When you love what you’re doing, you have more energy. So what I would say is, instead of saying, get outta bed and stop sleeping and stop being a bum and stop being lazy, I go, Hey, stop doing what you hate and find a way to do what you love and you only have one life. If, even if you spend your life making a hundred million dollars if you spent your whole life working, but you haven’t enjoyed a single day, what did you make?

[52:10 – 53:05] Erwin McManus ⭐Gold Gem
And, so when people say you need to focus, some of it is there are people who have been given this rare gift to have one talent, and that one talent becomes the full expression of their life. I happen to not be that talented,  and so my talents are diversified and my talent is in my diversity. My talent is in the uniqueness of my diversification. And I’m able to express that talent in multiple things. I think where it becomes a problem is when you’re doing things that you shouldn’t be doing. The things that you don’t have the talent to do or things that you don’t have the passion to do or things you don’t have the skill to do. And the way of knowing if you’re doing too many things is are you having to cheat the process? If you’re cheating the process, you shouldn’t be doing it.

[1:03:20 – 1:04:17] Erwin McManus ⭐Gold Gem
And what is amazing is, what the study showed was that creativity and genius isn’t something you learn, it’s something you have to hold onto, and that actually human beings are created intrinsically creative. That every human being has a unique genius to them.

But the ones we identify as geniuses, the Einsteins, the Picassos, the Mozarts, the Stephen Hawkings, the Elon Musk, the geniuses that we identify, they were not born rare, they remained rare. I think we’re all born rare and most of us die ordinary and that’s to me is the tragedy, is that there’s intrinsic genius and I feel like that’s one of my missions in life is to try to unlock the intrinsic genius inside of every human being. And to help people first be aware of the fact that there is a genius inside of you.


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Book Mentioned:

The Genius of Jesus by Erwin Raphael McManus

The Way of the Warrior by Erwin Raphael McManus

Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

Flip the Script by Oren Klaff

Levels of Energy by Frederick Dodson


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