Episode #80: Starting Your Way on Clubhouse (w/ Delice Lewis)

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For today’s episode, I invited strategic marketer Delice Lewis, and we talked about how joining and utilizing Clubhouse can help grow your business, detailing several experiences on the app.


Clubhouse is an audio-only (yes, audio-only) social media app where people can congregate within virtual rooms, and verbally discuss different topics. A user can either pick and join any room they want, or create their own on any topic.

Some users have even hosted their book shows, comedy shows, political debates, and business meetings on this app. Delice explained how much of an edge using Clubhouse as an entrepreneur could be.

Delice and I talked about how Clubhouse is a great way to connect with other business-oriented people and becoming a part of a community of users who can help each other grow by sharing their knowledge and experience.

We discuss how you can start with Clubhouse, how you can network with people there, and how you can leverage it to grow your business. 

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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Links & Resources from the show

Where to find Delice:

Key Points from the Podcast

  • What is Clubhouse?
  • Why you should join Clubhouse
  • How Clubhouse can help build your network
  • Quality connections over quantity 
  • Networking by giving value
  • Different experiences on Clubhouse
  • Study to innovate, not imitate
  • Influence: A long term profit
  • Clarity on starting your own brand

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