Episode #75: How to Practice Gratitude Daily - Tips on Journaling & Full 10min Meditation inside (w/ David Scheiner)

Did you know that tapping your chest opens up the gratitude channels in your body?

In this episode, I brought David Scheiner on the show and we talked about how we could practice gratitude daily to get into the mode of manifestation and creation.

David is a life coach, and chiropractor by practice.
He teaches meditation & mindfulness, and guides people to find their career calling and life purpose.

In this episode we talked about journaling routines, tactics on attracting new clients in our business, the mindset of gratitude, and most importantly – join us for the last 10 minutes of the show as David guides us through an amazing 10 minute gratitude meditation! 

Hope you enjoy this episode!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • An introduction of David’s present process.
  • What is the framework that David follows?
  • Journaling practice
  • David’s suggestion in showing gratitude in 10 minute journaling.
  • Tactics in attracting new clients.
  • Setting healthy boundaries in life.
  • Gratitude – how to  practice gratitude
  • The chest tapping gratitude practice
  • A Powerful 10 Minute Gratitude Meditation

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