What kind of Mindset should you have?

If you think you’re taking all of the action you need to take and STILL feel like you aren’t making much progress, then maybe it’s time to reassess yourself a little bit. Maybe it’s how you THINK. Maybe it’s all about the MINDSET that you have. What kind of mindset do you have? What TYPES of mindsets are there, anyway?

Manifestation – Is it a superpower?

Although manifestation isn’t necessarily a super-power, it can take effect almost as if you’ve got your own genie in a bottle. Being officially labeled as a “pseudo-science,” the law of attraction is something that has proven to be more than real to many dreamers who stopped at nothing in order to visualize their goals and ideal lives. There’s just something about having the mindset of someone who’s already won everything that taps into their everyday experiences and actions. Thinking of what you want to achieve everyday, and knowing you can achieve it positively turbocharges your mind. Once that happens, the actions you take will start to reflect that positively charged mindset.

2 Time Management Hacks That Will Change Your Life & Skyrocket You Towards Your Goals

If you feel that the way you’re handling your time right now isn’t doing you any good, don’t worry! During mentorship calls, a lot of my students ask me how I personally manage my own time, so I decided to share two very important time management tips that have really, really helped me get through a lot of my time hurdles. These tips could also help you turn things around and hopefully improve how you handle your schedule, as well as your list of priorities.

#75Hard – Will it affect my business?

At first glance, 75 Hard does seem to take up much of your 24 hours. Collectively taking 4 hours to finish, this will get you thinking about how- or WHY- it should even be something you want to do on a tight sched. Yes, the challenge takes 4 hours in total. Yes, that is a lot of time off your schedule. But to my surprise, it didn’t hinder my growth or eat into my hours. In fact, it did the opposite!

How to Find the Perfect Podcast to Listen to (Using Spotify)

For the longest, looking up a podcast topic was one of those things that you know you’d take time working out just to find the exact episode you’re looking for. In some cases it was even nearly impossible, especially if the podcast you’re searching for wasn’t necessarily the most popular one in the community. You had to scrounge around the internet, hop on YouTube, iTunes, and most often Google to find that one website your favorite podcast host usually uploads their episodes on. Though it was admittedly nothing so challenging or difficult that it would take you hours to accomplish, there’s definitely nothing wrong with opting for a faster alternative.

My Impostor Syndrome Manifesto

Some people are smarter than me (I fucking feel dumb just talking to them) Some people are nicer than me (how can they be so fucking nice?!) Some people are more hard working than me (How can you not watch Netflix to cool your fucking brain down) Some people procrastinate less than me Some people are more talented […]

One tip to help you plan out your weekly tasks.

First off, I have a weekly tasks list. I didn’t always have one, let alone manage it on a weekly basis. But now I do, and since I have it, I find my personal and financial life falling into place and I’m pumped to fill it out each week. One can go on for a […]

We got it all backwards.

I can understand and be empathetic as to how so many parents can easily drag themselves down to career ‘responsibilities’ over family ‘nice-to-haves’… but you see — the real deal is that it’s just the other way around. I cancelled a very important thing I had to do today at work to be with my daughter in a […]

The best books for Entrepreneurs​

In 2016 I discovered Audible, and this totally changed my life.  I believe that in this day and age, when we have access to the world’s most brilliant minds in our smartphones, it’s almost crime not to listen to them.  These minds are all accessible through audiobooks. “Our success follows our level of personal growth. […]