Some people are smarter than me (I fucking feel dumb just talking to them)

Some people are nicer than me (how can they be so fucking nice?!)

Some people are more hard working than me (How can you not watch Netflix to cool your fucking brain down)

Some people procrastinate less than me

Some people are more talented than me (how the fuck can you get like 987 likes on one Dribbble shot??)

Some people are better looking than me (how the fuck can you get like 327 likes on one Instagram photo??)

Some people write better than me (how the fuck can you get like 1.7K likes on Medium??)

Some people are all of those, they make more money than me and all of them are younger than me! (and they all take cold fucking showers! How the fuck can you do that? I mean, I just let that stream of cold water touch me for one second and I feel like I’m about to die)


I just acknowledged it, 
faced it, wrote it down and published it on Medium,
So I guess that makes me one tough motherfucker.



Yours Truly,

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