My Impostor Syndrome Manifesto

Some people are smarter than me (I fucking feel dumb just talking to them) Some people are nicer than me (how can they be so fucking nice?!) Some people are more hard working than me (How can you not watch Netflix to cool your fucking brain down) Some people procrastinate less than me Some people are more talented […]

One tip to help you plan out your weekly tasks.

First off, I have a weekly tasks list. I didn’t always have one, let alone manage it on a weekly basis. But now I do, and since I have it, I find my personal and financial life falling into place and I’m pumped to fill it out each week. One can go on for a […]

The Falafel Method for Deep Work.

A quick mindfulness trick to boost your productivity at work. If you’re a designer, developer, marketer, entrepreneur or any kind of professional with complicated tech work that needs your full brain capacity, you’re probably struggling to find that deep work time. You’re constantly trying to get into a state of ‘flow’, where your brain can perform […]

We got it all backwards.

I can understand and be empathetic as to how so many parents can easily drag themselves down to career ‘responsibilities’ over family ‘nice-to-haves’… but you see — the real deal is that it’s just the other way around. I cancelled a very important thing I had to do today at work to be with my daughter in a […]

A practical guide to finding your book idea (w/ Coach Azul — 1M Views TedX Speaker, Podcaster, Writer and Coach)

My guest today is Coach Azul (Azul Terronez) who is an entrepreneur, TedX speaker, Podcaster, writer and coach for other entrepreneurs that want to write their book. Azul works together with other entrepreneurs and helps them overcome their fears, gain a clear vision for why they want to write their book about, and then pushes them to get started. From there he takes them step-by-step through publishing their own book.