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This post is based on a Facebook Live Session I did in my Commit First Facebook group:



First Rule: NET — No Extra Time!!! Use whatever time you have. My time walking the dog became one of the Israel tech scene’s most popular podcasts featured on iTunes. Use whatever time you have.

Second Rule: Remove all barriers! Please don’t see the following gear as a must. Just start!



– Rode Podcaster (used: $150, new: $229.00)

  • I bought a used one for $150, I have it for over 3 years already and it’s still great.
  • You can always start with the iPhone headphones. They are great!

– Adjustable Microphone Arm Stand ($13.99)

  • There are also a lot more kinds on Amazon and they are all super cheap.
  • This one connects to my table, but maybe you’d want something that is more portable like this one.

– Pop Filter ($6.99)



– Lav Mic ($10.99)

– Headphone Audio Y Splitter Cable for iPhone ($11.95)



– Simplecast ($12 a month)

  • connects with iTunes and super easy to use

– Skype Call Recorder (free or for a $40 one time payment)

  • If you’re planning on having overseas interviews

– Audacity (Free)

  • Free open-source app and has thousands of video tutorials on Youtube

– Voice Recorder for iOS (free — $4.99)

  • Has an upgraded version

– TapeaCall to record phone calls as podcasts ($19.99)


  • Outsourcing everything but the recording: You can use Fiverr or Upwork for finding special podcast editors that will take care of all the editing and uploading to Simplecast as well as your website
  • Prepare your guest: Here is the sheet we send out to our own guests of the podcast.
    Feel free to copy it for yours and make the proper editing 🙂
    Simply click “File” → “Make a Copy” and change what ever you need there to make it your own.

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