On February 2018 I flew all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel to Las Vegas to attend Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference after hitting my business goals (video about that here)

A day after I landed, in a stadium full of (9000) people, all thirsty for knowledge about personal growth, sales & marketing, the 10x Growth Con 2018 kicked off with a bang. Grant Cardone started with the first speech and then continued with super inspiring talks by Jordan Zimmerman, Ed Myllet, Elena Cardone, Andy Frisella, and more.

On the second day, Russell Brunson made over 3 Million dollars on stage.

This is a video from the 3rd day of the 10x Growth Con, with highlights from Grant Cardone’s talk (it’s actually a mix of 2 talks he gave that day).

In the video, Grant talks about Money, Success, and how we need to re-wire our brains in order to hit 10x in our lives. 
(Be ready — it’s brutal!👍🔥👊)

btw, I worked for about 5 hours on the transcription of this video for you guys so you can have both the text and the subtitles on the actual video. So Enjoy 🙌 and let me know in the comments what you think of Grant’s talk 🙂


What am I doing with my time? 
What are YOU doing every day with your time?
How are you spending your time?
I hear people say I don’t have enough time.

Every time I want something done I look for the person who’s busiest
and I give him the task.

Busy people, make time.

10x is not about what you look like on Instagram, 
or how many followers you got on Twitter. 
I mean I want a lot of followers,
I want people to follow me, 
I want people to know me, 
but 10x is about work.

People that are comfortable are selfish.

I know because I’m talking about myself.

If you don’t have income you won’t have confidence
You have to put your focus on income
and literally disregard everything else.

I don’t do a job
I am not a husband, I am not a father
I am not being a husband or a father

I told Elena when I got with her,
“Look Elena, here is the deal: I’ll do anything for you. Anything!

Except for one thing –

I will not give up on my dreams.

My dreams are my dreams, and they were here before you were.”

I’ve never been a spouse, 
I’ve never been a husband,
I’ve never been a parent,
I’m not being a parent.

I quit being a son

You guys got to quit being things.

You’re being things.

I’m not the boss in my office. 
We don’t say “Grant the boss”.

I am not being an entrepreneur
I am not being a serial-preneur or a Solo-preneur
I’m doing my life. 
You understand?
Dropping from the ceiling… That’s life.
Anybody that doesn’t like that
It’s because it weren’t you there.
and you quit on it.

Any of you that complain about us selling products to you…
You complain because you didn’t buy.
Probably because you can’t.
You wanted to, but you couldn’t,
and so you complain…
Do you understand?

I’m telling you about my life right now

You’re doing today what I did and what I don’t want to go back to doing.

I can stop right now, 
How many agree I can probably kick it back right next weekend?

There’s about 800 million dollars worth of Real Estate sitting in the bank

and they won’t stop, I don’t have to be here to do that

— — —

I started as a kid
excited about life.

Ok? Remember when you were 7? Everything was possible man everything was.

You were touching stuff. You were like.. Touching this…

How many of you got kids?

How I loved being a kid man…

Kids are like touching everything 
Everything they’d be touching


You were that!

Curious about touching everything

Then your mama said “That’s not yours, don’t touch that”

Right or wrong?

– Touch this
– “Be careful!”

Here it goes man, here it goes

“That’s not yours”

All these agreements we start making

Can’t touch this, can’t touch that

Don’t touch yourself

All these agreements you start making
Can’t touch this can’t touch that…
You can’t touch yourself Don’t touch yourself

40 years old man,
I can’t even touch my own property

and I only live once…

And then they’re going to punch me for what I touched
When I was here.

No wonder man.

— —

What do you call yourself?
Introverts and extroverts.

There is no validation anywhere in the world by any doctor, any medical test, any test of any kind that there is any such thing as introvert or extrovert.

Where are you getting your advice from folks?
Are you getting it from a guy like Russell Brunson that can make 3 million dollars
in an hour and a half?

Or are you getting it from 
 — — –
and are having trouble and are like “bring your own food”

Think about it man, think about it.

For those of you who make 600K a year, how many of you here make 600? 600 or more let me hear it

Not enough!

How many of you are making a 100K or more?

How many are making 50K or more?
That’s sad.

It’s getting lower.

The average American makes 58,000 dollars a year.
There is no way, in any city in America that you could live with 58 grand a year.

It’s impossible man, this is the middle class.

This is the middle. What does middle mean?


Quit settling!

If you look up the word average in the dictionary it talks about settling, being comfortable.

When you were a kid and had big dreams:

I’m going to be an astronaut
I’m gonna be a rapper
I’m gonna become rich
Go back to that
I’m gonna become rich
I’m gonna get this
I’m gonna get that

I’m gonna get married
I’m gonna have wonderful kids

and then somebody said.. How many of you hear this?
“Be reasonable”
“Don’t set too high of expectations”
How many have hear that before?
How many of you have heard that before?

Today is all about this
how am I making a big life
A life! 

This ain’t therapy
Listen to me — you don’t need therapy.

You need to take action.
Ok? You will get well!
But you won’t get well on a chair!
You are going to get well in the battlefield.

You got to go out there to the marketplace,
and the healing is in the doing.

Is not in the thinking. 
 — -

I’m thinking about something.
This is what I…
How many of you have a problem with time?
You’re like.. It never seems like you have enough time.
I haven’t used that excuse… ever.

Nobody ever does anything to me.
I was sued for 60 million dollars.
Totally frivolous. Completely frivolous. I’m talking about not one shred of reality

Not one shred… I agree with that.

That didn’t happen to me.
I did that… 
I did that… I picked those dudes.

I’ve wasted time in relationships with people I knew could not go that route with me.

I picked them!

How many of you would like to have a jet?

I’ll tell you what, I got over drugs. I’ll never get over that.

I am convinced: That right there is more addictive than any drug — nicotine, alcohol, anything.

— —

But you see, did your parents ever talk to you about jets and yachts?
We here about the 5 people you associate with.
Who are the 5 people you associate with? 
Is it even real?
This thing everybody told you to?

You guys know I spend most of my time with 2 kids. 
A 6 and an 8 year old.

That’s 40 percent of what I did yesterday.

A security guy. 
Come out here dude.

Look, I spend so much time with this guy

— —

Based on the 5 people you associate with, my net worth went down yesterday, ’cause I know he’s worth less than me.

So is that true?

Do I need to be associated with people who have more than me?

Or do I need to be associated with people that are DOING as much or more than me?

It’s about doing.

Do you know that the things like this boat, this jet, total freedom? None of it is going to happen
without persistent follow up.

This isn’t about money and boats
It’s probably about the most important thing
The two kids I have
They are the greatest gifts that I’ve been given
They are worth all the money
I’ll never give them up
I’d give up on the jet before I give up the kids
I shouldn’t even say this…
This is life.

The follow-up. 
How many of you have been told: “Don’t be so persistent”. 
You were told that as a kid.

How many of you been told that a kid? “Don’t be so persistent”.

“I told you, I told you
I told you… don’t ask me again.”

How many have heard that before?

I never tell my kids that.

I’m like “Good, that’s good, you’re getting close.”

You gotta be professional.

What are you telling your kids folks?

You’re telling your kids bullshit.
That’s what you’re telling them.

“It’s not yours”… who’s is it!?
Who’s is this?
“We can’t afford that!” 
How many of you tell your kids that?
“We can’t do that bike”
“We can’t buy the bike”
You told your kids that because you were told that
We don’t tell our kids that.

How many of you told your kids “be careful”?

That’s why you guys think so much

You got Dave Ramsey saying: 
“Total Freedom comes from not having debt”.

You flip channels and you go to Suzy
“You can’t afford debt…”

I’m going to tell you:
“You can afford anything.”

Debt is not your problem.

I probably got 500 million dollars worth of debt.
500 million…
I wish it was 5 billion!

I ain’t paying for it.
I’m not paying for my debt.
I’m not putting in money if someone else ain’t gonna pay for it.

You want to raise your income?
Then you’re going to have to use debt to blow your business up.
You want to go 10X? you’re gonna have more money.

Show me a great company that hasn’t loaned money…
Coca-cola, General Electric… not a big company today!

Look at the banks, the banks borrow money
The banks have the money and then they go borrow it.

The bank had an idea…
Bunch of money sitting around in the 40s and 60s.
They said “we got this money, How can we lend more money out?”

“We’re gonna get their attention.”
“How do we get their attention?”
“Oh, we’re basically gonna tell them they need the American Dream!”
What’s the American Dream?
A house man.


“We’re gonna get their attention, we’re gonna show everybody what the intention is.. WE WANT TO GET YOU A HOUSE!”
“We’re gonna give you the money…”
They did this with college students.


You guys bought into it man…

And what happened?

They close the deal, and they get rich!

It’s called banks.

They gave you money they don’t have….
to buy something you didn’t need.

Most of you in the room will invest money on a house but won’t invest money on your business.

Your house can’t make money but your business could pay for 3 or 4 houses.

So you got to go back and re-look at it…
Re-look at it.

What did you mom mean when she said
“We can’t afford a bike?”
“We can’t afford a car”
“We can’t afford to move”
“We can afford that” 
What was momma really saying? 
That was coming from what?
I don’t have any money.
I don’t have money. My mom didn’t have money.
My momma was a good momma.

Three good meals a day and at least one desert
She took care of me, put me in clothes.

You know, she was concerned with the little bit of money my dad left.

She was a great mom. She just didn’t know how to bring money in, so she had to scare us.

“Turn the lights out!” 
how many of you were brought up like this?
“Turn the lights out boy!”

I mean your momma could do this from three or four rooms away. Across the house. A thousand square feet between you and your momma.
“Turn your lights out and flush that toilet”
“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”
How many were told that?

That’s code.
That’s code for
“I don’t know how to bring in money.”
“I’m broke.” That’s code.
“I don’t know how to bring in money.”
“My credit score is hammered.” That’s code.
“I don’t know how to bring money in”
“I can’t fix my car” — code — for what?
… “I can’t bring money in”.

“I can’t go to Grant’s next conference” … code (for) “I don’t know how to bring money in.”

So what do we do just now?

Replace the excuses — with the truth.

If you show me how to get $1 dollar right now,
1 dollar hits the floor right now — I’ll guarantee you I’ll be of the first people on the floor
picking it up.

Because I need to teach my kids how to hustle.
And you don’t teach kids how to work and hustle
by talking to them about work and hustle.

You do it by taking risk!

How many of you have heard this before? “It takes courage to make money!”
You didn’t hear that. What did you hear?
“It takes money to make money”.

How many have heard that before?

1.3 trillion dollars worth of debt. 
And people that go to schools right now can’t shake somebody’s hand, can’t reach you, can’t say hello to you, can’t introduce themselves.

(Tim Grover puts $10 on stage teasing Grant to pick it up)

You were taught it takes money to make money, but the truth is it takes courage to make money.

Yours Truly,

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