A practical guide to finding your book idea (w/ Coach Azul — 1M Views TedX Speaker, Podcaster, Writer and Coach)



Episode #20 - Azul Terronez

My guest today is Coach Azul (Azul Terronez) who is an entrepreneur, 🎤 TedX speaker, 🎙Podcaster, ✍ writer and 💪 coach for other entrepreneurs that want to write their book.  

Azul works together with other entrepreneurs and helps them overcome their fears, gain a clear vision for why they want to write their book about, and then pushes them to get started.

From there he takes them step-by-step through publishing their own book.

Besides being a thought-provoking conversion about life, creativity, and how we can open our minds more, this conversation became an actual practical guide that will help you get your book idea figured out, and then it will also give you the information on how to start.

I know I’m going to try this at home 🙂

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Coach Azul introduced himself and how he started his business online.
  • He shares about his Ted Talk experience.
  • Talks about getting the big idea in writing a book.
  • Shares about the core of creativity.
  • Coach Azul talks about the right time to write a book or having the idea of making a book.
  • Should people wait success first before publishing a book?
  • How to search and find the right idea.
  • How to start the writing process itself, having a timeframe and habit in writing.
  • The importance of researching topic as part of writing process.
  • Preparing the marketing process and planning.
  • What to share from your book to an interview.
  • Recommendations and where can you find Coach Azul.

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