First off, I have a weekly tasks list.

I didn’t always have one, let alone manage it on a weekly basis. But now I do, and since I have it, I find my personal and financial life falling into place and I’m pumped to fill it out each week.

One can go on for a lifetime without setting and tracking goals, but this leads to standing in place and not getting far.

Life moves fast, and you can go on your whole life without achieving your dreams. Why would you do that, when you CAN achieve them? (some book recommendations at the end of this post)

I work closely with an amazing coach who holds me accountable to my goals and to stretches my limits.

I make half yearly goals, out of that break down monthly goals, and from that create weekly tasks.

One thing that I do every week when I plan out my weekly tasks is to add personal life tasks to my task list, besides the business tasks.

The personal life tasks are of course connected to my personal life half-yearly goals.

These tasks are NOT less important than any other task I might have on my task list.

I strongly encourage you to add personal life goals to your task list as well (if you haven’t yet). And if by any chance you haven’t started setting goals for your life (career & personal) then I really recommend you to do so.

Work/life balance is bullshit, choose to do life altogether. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

As Grant Cardone says: “Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility”. This goes for your relationship/marriage/parenthood as well. After all, they are the actual foundation for your happiness 🙂

Yours Truly,

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