The 4 Pairs of Mindsets

If you think that your actions aren’t leading to the results you’ve always wanted, then maybe it’s time to rethink the ideas behind these actions. Without the right mindset, you could be doing things the hard way.

There are 4 pairs of mindsets. Each pair has two opposite types. If you want to find out yours, then this list should help enlighten you!



Let’s break these pairs down one by one.

  • CLOSED / OPEN – When you have a closed mindset, you often lean towards sticking to your own ideas rather than opening yourself up to the ideas of others. It’s harder for other people to give you a new perspective towards things you’ve already viewed in your own way. People with closed mindsets generally shut off anything new that doesn’t align with the ideas they already have. On the other hand, an Open mindset means that you’re willing to learn new ideas, approach things from another angle, and take in the suggestions of others so that you can change for the better
  • INWARD / OUTWARD – When you have an Inward mindset, you think less about others, and think more about yourself. Although thinking about yourself isn’t a bad thing, it becomes one if you start using others for your own gain without any consideration towards them. When someone thinks with an inward mindset, they only think about how they can benefit regardless of what happens to the people around them.


    With an Outward mindset, you pay attention to the amount of value you can give to someone. When you think about yourself, you think about those in your surroundings, and how they can grow as you grow. An Outward Mindset can help build you and your team up, sharing what you’ve learned and learning what they share. Having an Outward mindset has a lot to do with caring about others, and building each other up.


  • FIXED / GROWTH – When you have a Fixed mindset, you’re less welcoming towards the idea of change, for yourself or for others. People with Fixed mindsets often stick to their old habits, unable to work towards improvement because they’re not very happy with the idea of breaking out of their norm.


    A person with a Growth mindset will always have faith in the ability to change, whether it’s for themselves or for others. With a Growth mindset, you’ll find that there are a LOT of things you can learn, and a lot of abilities and traits that you can develop to evolve as a person, and to succeed in your life.


  • PREVENTION / PROMOTION – People with a Prevention Mindset lean towards making safer decisions in life, to a point where giving the chance to evolve or move up becomes near-impossible. When you have a Prevention Mindset, you’re more focused on NOT losing than WINNING, and avoiding any possible issues that could happen. Having a Promotion Mindset means that NOT losing isn’t enough. Winning is the only way forward, and you won’t settle for less. When you have a Promotion Mindset, you’re zeroed-in on a specific end result that you desire. You’re willing to take risks for a chance to gain greater rewards, and a chance to improve your life for good.


There you have it! Take some time to think about these four pairs carefully. Observe yourself, backtrack, and ask yourself which types of mindsets you’ve had lately, and which ones you should switch over to for the better.

If you STILL want to dive deeper into the types of Mindsets, I actually sat down with Ryan Gottfredson on The Commit First Podcast to talk about all of this down to the nitty-gritty details. Click here to watch the episode!

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