Maximizing Spirituality, Parenting, and PRODUCTIVITY! (w/ Tevi Hirschhorn)

I had a blast talking to author, product leader, and father Tevi Hirschhorn on this episode. We talked about a lot of diverse topics throughout the interview, and it had a little bit of everything. From what prayer truly means and teaching kids how they can develop a growth mindset, to how people can balance their hyper-efficiency to avoid being unproductive as an end result.

Parenting kids to be money-smart & entrepreneurial (w/ Connie Albers)

Today we have a different kind of a show, it’s a show that I recorded here live over at FINCON 2018, there I met Connie Albers, who was the one who recruited and trained all the volunteers for the Social Media Marketing World conference that I attended earlier this year. In this episode we talk about entrepreneurship & mindset. About her story coming from Disney, and training the staff there, and eventually becoming a Disney Ambassador. We also talk about how she implements the Disney Staff mindset into her entrepreneurial journey.