Parenting kids to be money-smart & entrepreneurial (w/ Connie Albers)



Episode #22 - Connie Albers

Today we have a different kind of a show, it’s a show that I recorded here live over at FINCON 2018, there I met Connie Albers, who was the one who recruited and trained all the volunteers for the Social Media Marketing World conference that I attended earlier this year.

In this episode we talk about entrepreneurship & mindset.
About her story coming from Disney, and training the staff there, and eventually becoming a Disney Ambassador.
We also talk about how she implements the Disney Staff mindset into her entrepreneurial journey.

Connie is also writing a book about how to raise a money-smart teens, so on the second half of the episode we talk about parenting.
We talk about raising teens responsibly, so they would handle their money well.
We talked some about parenting and entrepreneurship, and more.
If you are a parent – you will find super practical tips in here.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Connie introductions, talks about her background story and Disney. [00:00:50]
  • Storytelling and customer experience in Disney. [00:05:02]
  • Social media marketing creates “experience”. [00:08:51]
  • Connie talks about the “major change” happened to her life. [00:11:25]
  • Knowing what to do using your skills. Being resilient. [00:14:37]
  • Talks about being mompreneur. [00:17:07]
  • Talks about her upcoming book. Talk about kids and raising them with “money smart” mindset. [00:30:46]
  • How to talk to your kids about having a life and thinking with their future. [00:54:09]
  • Daily routine with kids. [00:59:34]
  • TedX talk opportunity. [01:03:00]

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