Dealing with Fear and Stress as Entrepreneurs

Experienced failure? Feeling like you just can’t get a fucking break? Feeling fear and stress? In this short solo-cast I share a recent period where I had those feelings big-time, and what got me out of it. I go into the topics of mindset when experiencing failure, setbacks, and challenges, and recommend some tactics and one GREAT book that helped me through that period.

Networking Tips that will Boost Your Business (w/ Travis Chappell, Founder of the Build Your Network Podcast)

Networking Tips that will Boost Your Business (w/ Travis Chappel, Founder of the Build Your Network Podcast)

My guest today is a master networker named Travis Chappell.
Travis helps others learn how to network the right way by interviewing top performing entrepreneurs on how they do it themselves.
He has interviewed entrepreneur celebrities like Grant & Elena Cardone, John Lee Dumas, Brad Lea, Tim Storey, Ed Mylett and more.
In this episode, we talked about some important core principles of networking.

How to Dominate Your Niche (w/ Cassidy Tuttle, Founder of Succulents and Sunshine)

What Differs Olympic Champions from Others (w/ High Achievement Expert Allon Khakshouri)

From the outside, Cassidy would seem like an ordinary person: She’s a wife, a mother of two sweet kids, she goes to church, has hobbies such as photography, and growing plants. Well, what people can’t see is that Cassidy is one hell of a top-notch, massively successful CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR! When her kids are in schools, she is at her home studio shooting videos, managing an entire outsource team, writing super extensive and well researched articles, and creating funnels for her online courses. She is also a badass at analytics, and has systems in place tracking EVERYTHING she puts out there.

The Ripple Effect And The Key To Networking With Successful Entrepreneurs (w/ John Lee Dumas, Founder of EOFire)

The Ripple Effect And The Key To Networking With Successful Entrepreneurs (w/ John Lee Dumas,

Hey everyone!! I’m so excited to let you in on today’s session. John Lee Dumas – or JLD as he’s referred to in the industry – is a multi-7 figure self-made entrepreneur and is one of the world’s most popular podcasters, running the ever so famous podcast – EOFire, where for years he interviewed successful entrepreneurs on a daily basis. I’ve followed JLD for years and in the past year, I even got to meet him and start to work with him for a bit. I, in fact, met my coach Calvin Wayman – who helped me from $50k in debt to making that much every month – through one of his podcasts.

What's Your Origin Story?

#37 WHAT’s YOUR ORIGIN STORY with Sagi Shrieber

What is your origin story?
As I’m studying more about storytelling from Russell Brunson and other sources, I feel that I’m getting clearer about my own story, and I know it’s going to help me share my message with the world. So therefore, I know it’s gonna help you as well.
So I wanted to share this with you, I think it’s super important.
So.. What’s an Origin Story?
Well, an origin story is basically your story!
It’s what got you geeking out in the first place about whatever it is that you’re doing in your career.
Grab a pen and paper for this one!

Creating & Selling Online Courses Around Your Skills (w/ Greg Rog, Founder of

My guest this week is Greg Rog, a Polish designer & entrepreneur that managed to create an online empire out of his skills. Greg started out with creating a local polish design blog, and one day started selling online courses on his site. He then reached out to other creatives to create online courses on his site and started promoting and selling those as well. Eventually this turned his blog into the main Polish hub for online courses for creatives. Later on Greg moved on to developing a hub for UI/UX design courses, in English, for the international audience.

How To Find Time To Build Your Brand

How to find time for your brand - a podcast by sagi shrieber

A lot of people tell me they don’t have time. But, the truth is – we have more time than we think. In fact, the feeling of having no time is an illusion.

We may think that we are at our full capacity when it comes to utilizing time, but the truth is – that Elon Musk might be the only guy who really operates at 100% capacity.

We all have time… But we just need to study these things:

How To Build A Business That Will Make You Money Outside Of Your Day Job (w/ Nick Loper, Founder of Side Hustle Nation)

How To Build A Business With Nick Loper

My guest today is Nick Loper. Nick is a podcaster and blogger, and founder of Side Hustle Nation, where he teaches others to create successful side hustles and earn money outside of their day job. In this conversation we talk about creating content (on your blog or podcast) and getting your content out there. We talked about methods to get more exposure to your content after you wrote it. We talk about finding time, having a vision for growth, revenue streams (that I bet you never thought of) and more.

The Personal Brand Authority Quartet – How To Build Success & Authority In Your Market

How to build your success & authority in your market

In music, a quartet is an ensemble of four singers or instrumental performers, or a musical composition for four voices or instruments. “If you make sure to play the Personal Brand Authority Quartet symphony, the echo would be the beautiful sounds of opportunities hitting you from all directions in the theater of your career.” In order to be a great personal brand and to build authority in your market – you have to have 4 things in place.