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Episode #35

A lot of people tell me they don’t have time. But, the truth is – we have more time than we think. In fact, the feeling of having no time is an illusion.

We may think that we are at our full capacity when it comes to utilizing time, but the truth is – that Elon Musk might be the only guy who really operates at 100% capacity.

We all have time… But we just need to study these things:

Our effectiveness as busy humans with time

  • We can only do so much in any given timeframe. I was in the army (where they make you follow strict schedule). So I can tell from my personal experience that if you wake up soon and do not fixate on getting a full 8 or 9 hours sleep, you just have so much more time in the day. You can accomplish a LOT more than a regular person in those extra hours and still be left with more time to do additional stuff.
  • I also like Tony Robbin’s explanation of NET (No Extra Time) where he talks about utilizing the free time you get in between tasks like running to the grocery story, walking the dog and utilizing that time to accomplish things that will take you towards betterment. I, for example, used to send e-mails during my breaks while I was at design school.
  • One more thing you need to consider when it comes to our ‘time effectiveness’ is the importance of getting into the zone. GETTING IN THE ZONE is paramount for accomplishing anything. They say, it takes about 30 minutes for us to really get into the zone – in the flow, where we are completely focused. And, even minor distractions can break that flow/zone. Make sure to put yourself on airplane mode whenever you want to get huge chunks of work done. Create distraction-free surroundings, because that’s super important.

Our relationship with time

  • We feel like we’re too busy. In fact, saying you’re busy has become like the norm; more like a status thing. But, I challenge you to change that sort of relationship with time, because we are not really busy. No one is. We’re just used to hearing people say that. Dare yourself to not be busy. Think of time in abundance. It’s just like money. The more money you think you have, the more you attract it. It’s the same with time.
  • Another thing to ponder about is to ditch the idea of perfectionism. Because the idea of perfection can hold you back from accomplishing things. Done is always better than perfect. Perfection – just like many other obstacles can keep you from putting something great out in the world.

Setting Expectations

  • When I was working on Hacking UI – I told my wife that I was gonna need at least 6 hours everyday, for initial few days of the week. What that did – it set the expectations right with people who matter to me. . So,  be sure to set the expectations right! That way – neither you work nor your personal life is sacrificed.
  • Build Integrity. If you are gonna be late, say you are going to be late. It’s important to be the kind of person that loved ones can trust. Do not lie. Be realistic and truthful and say stuff with complete integrity and follow through with it.
  • Work the switch. When you are at work, don’t think about anything else. When you are with family, nothing else matters. Basically be in the present. The more you practice this switch, the more mental clarity you will gain.

Yours Truly,

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