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Episode #33

In music, a quartet is an ensemble of four singers or instrumental performers, or a musical composition for four voices or instruments.

“If you make sure to play the Personal Brand Authority Quartet symphony, the echo would be the beautiful sounds of opportunities hitting you from all directions in the theater of your career.”

In order to be a great personal brand and to build authority in your market – you have to have 4 things in place.

  • Professionality
  • Networking
  • Content
  • Pitching and selling

Now – there is a trick: You can be good at only 3 out of the 4 to be successful, but to REALLY crush it you need to be great in all four!

Let’s break them down!

1. Professionality

  • Experience
  • Being talented
  • Showing your skill

2. Networking

  • Showing up to events and online
  • Value
  • People that are higher up the ladder
  • People that are lower up the ladder
  • Being friendly and showing a great character

3. Content Creation

  • That’s the value
  • There are two types of content
    • Long Form: Blogs, Podcasts, Youtube.
      • Harder to create,
      • give a lot of value and inspiration
      • Show you know your stuff
      • Teach you along the way
    • Short form:
      • Behind the scenes
      • IG stories
      • FB
  • There are 2 main themes of content you should create
    • Inspirational and motivational
    • Educational

4. Pitching & Selling

  • Because when you’re in front of an audience or a client or anything…
  • Pitching is setting up the frames and getting your message across
  • Selling is made up of two:
    • Selling
    • Closing
  • Skills to master: Pitching and Storytelling

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