Get over the fear of building an audience online (w/ Bob Gentle)

Bob Gentle provides digital marketing training and helps digital entrepreneurs and business owners around the world discover, set, and achieve their goals online. He helps marketers avoid analysis paralysis, and micro-business owners and solopreneurs build their online presence and audience. Bob runs the biggest digital agency in Scotland. But while his business continued to grow, his fears of becoming someone he did not want to become also grew. In the episode, Bob reflected about his thoughts – that this is not what he wants for the next 15 to 20 years of his life.

How To Build Audience The RIGHT Way (w/ Heather Parady, Host of The Weekly Parady Podcast)

How To Build Audience The RIGHT Way with heather parady

My guest this week is the amazing Heather Parady – Online Entrepreneur and the founder The Weekly Parady Podcast – an awesome podcast for unconventional leaders. You know – us people.

Heather is not only hosting her podcast. She is building an amazing online brand while at it. This means writing, growing and running a team, being active all across social media, and building audience in an authentic way.