Get over the fear of building an audience online (w/ Bob Gentle)



Episode #70: Get over the fear of building an audience online (w/ Bob Gentle)

Bob Gentle provides digital marketing training and helps digital entrepreneurs and business owners around the world discover, set, and achieve their goals online. 

He helps marketers avoid analysis paralysis, and micro-business owners and solopreneurs build their online presence and audience.

Bob runs the biggest digital agency in Scotland. But while his business continued to grow, his fears of becoming someone he did not want to become also grew. 

In the episode, Bob reflected about his thoughts – that this is not what he wants for the next 15 to 20 years of his life. 

For someone who knows what he is comfortable with, and what he wants to be, Bob started looking for a way to restructure the business in such a way that he would be happy to continue making profit.

It was then he started applying the 80-20 rule to his business, figuring out his 2 main components of the business, and then focusing all in on one side – which gave him the freedom and joy he was looking for.

I am encouraging you to watch and join us as we also uncovered ways to avoid analysis paralysis in decision making and taking action in building your online presence.

Bob also provided pieces of advice on how to overcome being caught on what content to create and discovering who you really are.

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Visit the website –Amplifyme

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Building Audience
  • Building Youtube
  • 80% what they do for money and 20% media company – and you CAN’T outsource that
  • How to avoid analysis paralysis
  • Types of Investments
  • Who the hell am I?

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