Episode #30 - Heather Parady

My guest this week is the amazing Heather Parady – Online Entrepreneur and the founder The Weekly Parady Podcast – an awesome podcast for unconventional leaders. You know – us people. Heather is not only hosting her podcast. She is building an amazing online brand while at it. This means writing, growing and running a team, being active all across social media, and building audience in an authentic way. In this show we talk about how to build an audience – even if you don’t have an audience yet, we talk about the importance of networking (which is how we met) and how you can do it too. We talk about authenticity, work-life balance as entrepreneurs, and growing a podcast. If you’re looking to build an online brand and audience, and maybe a podcast one day – this is FOR YOU! Enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe to the show if you haven’t yet (on iTunes, Youtube, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app).

Links & Resources from the show

Key Points from the Podcast  

  • [0:01:50.3]  How Sagi and Heather met
  • [0:03:43.1]  How Heather became an online entrepreneur
  • [0:05:45.5]  Sagi talks about the importance of having a supportive partner as an entrepreneur
  • [0:06:17.6]  Heather gives some advice on how to stay in sync with your partner despite being busy
  • [0:09:26.2]  Where to start in building an audience and brand
  • [0:13:53.4]  The first thing Heather did to launch her business
  • [0:15:00.0]  Choosing the best kind of content and social platform for your brand
  • [0:18:19.6]  Heather and Sagi’s tips on how to get people into your podcast show and some networking advice
  • [0:23:47.5]  Heather talks about her life as a struggling student and how it has prepared her as an entrepreneur
  • [0:26:43.3]  How to start an online brand and overcoming the ‘Impostor Syndrome’
  • [0:33:03.9]  Other tips for building an audience as a new entrepreneur
  • [0:35:38.4]  How Heather built her team
  • [0:38:19.2]  Key points from the summit for building an audience
  • [0:39:42.0]  Sagi and Heather talk about the importance of giving value before selling anything
  • [0:41:34.2]  Heather talks about how authenticity helps in building an audience
  • [0:43:01.4]  Heather’s current struggles with her business
  • [0:46:48.0]  Sagi and Heather talk about practicing mindfulness
  • [0:48:23.4]  Strategies for growing your podcast
  • [0:54:12.1]  Heather’s strategies on how to engage with your listeners at the end of the show
  • [0:55:06.4]  Reach out to Heather!
  • [0:56:03.0]  Heather’s Recommendations

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