Commit First w/ Sagi Shrieber (Feat. Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jason Zook, Paul Jarvis, and more) 10: From Rapping on Tour to a 100K Youtube Channel as a Stay-at-home Dad (w/ Glen Henry — Belief in Fatherhood)



Glen Henry is a super talented and successful rapper.

He was deep in the rap game, building his rapping career, traveling on tours across the US…
But when he became a father he made a bold decision: He decided that he wants to stay home, with his kids and wife, instead of living his life on tour.

The calling to be a present dad and husband was bigger for him than being a famous rapper, and he decided to ruthlessly listen to his gut feeling despite his fans, social environment, and current success.

With this super bold decision, Glen decided to become a stay-at-home dad and eventually started documenting his life raising his children.

Eventually, he launched a youtube channel called “Beleaf in Fatherhood”!

I’m super happy to say that just prior to being on this show, his youtube channel just crossed the 100K subscribers mark, and this provides for him and his family.

In this super inspiring interview we talk about his story, the bold decision he had to make, we talk about the importance of having a long-term vision, about consistency, about accountability, and about doing things out of passion, and for a brief moment, we even talked about parenting.

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