Building Superfans & content creation tips on breaking through the noise – (w/ Pat Flynn)

Hey everyone, today I have a special episode for you, for two reasons. first – the guest today is someone you probably know very well if you’re a listener of this podcast. My guest today is Pat Flynn – founder of Smart Passive Income! I actually interviewed Pat in episode #8 of this podcast, and also was interviewed by him on SPI episode 326, so be sure to listen to those if you haven’t yet.

Inside the Mind of a 7 Figure Family-oriented Entrepreneur & Influencer (w/ Pat Flynn — Founder of Smart Passive Income)

For the past couple of years, I have been following a podcast called ‘Smart Passive Income’ – a podcast hosted by an extraordinary entrepreneur called Pat Flynn. While this is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard and valued from, there is something even more interesting: Pat has managed to build his business around his Family lifestyle! He makes 7 figures (and shares his income reports on his site) while still being able to work from his home environment and make time for his wife and kids.