Inside the Mind of a 7 Figure Family-oriented Entrepreneur & Influencer (w/ Pat Flynn — Founder of Smart Passive Income)



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Episode #8 – Pat Flynn

For the past couple of years, I have been following a podcast called ‘Smart Passive Income’ – a podcast hosted by an extraordinary entrepreneur called Pat Flynn.

While this is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard and valued from, there is something even more interesting:
Pat has managed to build his business around his Family lifestyle!

He makes 7 figures (and shares his income reports on his site) while still being able to work from his home environment and make time for his wife and kids.

Pat and I talked about his daily routines, his values and guiding principles that make him so successful.
We talked about karma in the market, and some high end entrepreneurial black belt mindset 
We also talked about starting out a business, and about starting a podcast.
Later we talked about something that is not talked about enough in the entrepreneurial communities, and that’s mastermind groups.

Finally, Pat shared some of his favorite resources and tools.

Enjoy this awesome session with the one and only Pat Flynn!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Pat Flynn shares his main focus area in his life, from his “let go” day to his online business, his latest kickstart kindle book, his event planning, his Youtube success – “Silver Creator” award and webinars. [00:02:07]
  • Pat’s insights on making his family his top priority in life. [00:06:00]
  • Setting a balance time for “family mode” and “work mode”. Pat explained the importance of constant communication with his wife and family. Hassling time for family, business and lifestyle. [00:08:09]
  • Pat shares about his working hours and how his kids help him set boundaries on his working time. [00:16:20]
  • Pat’s morning routine called “SAVERS” and the book “Own the Day”. He explained how sleep is a big factor in business and following a sleep cycle. He also explained the importance of taking care of yourself first so that you can take care of others. [00:19:55]
  • Pat shares his guiding principles and values and how it became a key factor to his success. The importance of giving and serving others first and how he involve his family to do so or practice it. He also shares how failure helps him to learn and grow more as a person. [00:28:36]
  • Pat shares his experience in controlling his emotions and not channelling it to social media. Focusing on the things that you have rather than the “bad day” happening around you. [00:35:20]
  • Tips on launching a business from the scratch. Pat shares how to build your brand and how podcast give impact to his business and brand. [00:44:38]
  • Pat shares his suggestions on launching a podcast. [00:50:21]
  • Pat shares his experience with the “Mastermind Group”, how he benefits and learned from the group. [00:53:11]
  • Pat Flynn shares his recommendations for podcast, books and tools. [00:59:54]

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