How to Create Freedom (In Your Life & In Your Business) (w/ Simon Severino)

On today’s episode, I invited Simon Severino so that he could share his personal journey, and the valuable lessons he learned that ultimately contributed to his life and business’s growth. Tune in as we talk about various topics revolving around values, priorities, as well as how to properly utilize them in order to improve your schedule and upscale your business. We’ll also take a deep dive into the story of his own company, Strategy Sprints, and where it all started for Simon.

Grow your business by finding your target audience – (w/ Joon Han,

Hey everyone, today we talk about how to grow your business, mainly from putting major focus on your target audience, and how to find that target audience. My guest today is Joon Han – an amazing human being and a successful entrepreneur from San Diego California. Joon has a Tedx talk – Get Ahead by Giving Back, and he definitely follows what he preaches.