Your Mindset & Neural Networks Are the Key to Your Success (w/ Dr. Shannon Irvine — High-achievement Coach & Neural-Psychology Expert)



Episode #7 - Dr. Shannon Irvine

Dr Shannon Irvine is an achievement mentor, entrepreneur and Phd in Neuro-Pyschology. 

She helps them grow & scale both their business & mindset while building a business they love.

She also is a fellow podcaster, and interviews the most successful entreprenuers across multiple industries on the Epic Success Podcast! 

This was such an empowering talk for me! Shannon basically coached me on my limiting beliefs and gave us all super interesting points to think about that connect both mindset and science with neuro-psychology! Amazing episode! You HAVE to watch this!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Shannon shares about her life as a high-achieving mentor for business and personal life. How she shift her 1 on 1 mentoring and consulting into a business online. How she focus on helping entrepreneur makes impact to their family and the  people around them. She also shares how having a family changes everything that way she works with her life and business and how the brain works when we’re facing struggles in our business. [00:01:22]
  • Shannon shares how’s the transition of having a 1 on 1 mentoring and consulting business into having a business online, having a business course and podcast. [00:09:31]
  • Shannon explains how to get and connect to a mentor. The importance of playing the “A” game, not the “B” game in approaching a mentor. Accepting the whole picture of your mentor and what he/she does or her/his personal life. [00:11:30]
  • Shannon explains the things that stop you in your tracks. [00:15:12]
  • Shannon explains what you should allow and not to allow in your brain. [00:18:20]
  • She talks about creating a neural network. [00:26:20]
  • Shannon shares about compound interest. [00:29:12]
  • She shares about impostor syndrome. [00:35:12]
  • Shannon gave tips in launching a podcast. [00:54:59]

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