What's Your Origin Story?

Buy Actavis Valium Online What is your origin story?


https://www.clinandmedimages.com/1llnex67ja As I’m studying more about storytelling from Russell Brunson and other sources, I feel that I’m getting clearer about my own story, and I know it’s going to help me share my message with the world. So therefore, I know it’s gonna help you as well.

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https://highskywing.org/?p=j1kins43 So I wanted to share this with you, I think it’s super important.


What’s an Origin Story? Well, an origin story is basically your story! It’s what got you geeking out in the first place about whatever it is that you’re doing in your career. Russell Brunson also calls this The Epiphany Bridge Script.

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https://www.hndassignmenthelp.com/ib3kmx0rvtq So what I would like you to think about in this episode is “What is YOUR epiphany bridge script? What is your story? What is your origin story? What started you geeking out about what you’re doing?”

https://fizazzle.com/bhuk82x Grab a pen and paper for this one, it’s going to be a game changer!

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https://idahosailing.org/ek328g3 Don’t forget to subscribe to the show if you haven’t yet (on iTunesYoutubeSpotify, or your favorite podcast app).

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