What Differs Olympic Champions from Others (w/ High Achievement Expert Allon Khakshouri)

What Differs Olympic Champions from Others (w/ High Achievement Expert Allon Khakshouri)



Episode #24 - Allon Khakshouri

My guest this week is Allon Khakshouri.

Allon is a High performance expert, sports entrepreneur and former manager of three world #1 tennis players, including Novak Djokovic.

While he’d managed some of the world’s best tennis players, he’d witnessed first hand what distinguishes winners from everyone else. Their relentless desire to continuously find out how they can push themselves at every level in their lives. That’s exactly what Allon is all about teaching, and what I’m about learning, so this turned into a super interesting conversation!

We talked about the important things we need to understand to reach our next level of ourselves.
How to identify the stories we keep telling ourselves, and then re-program ourselves to break our own limiting beliefs.

Allon also talked about some practical strategies to apply, like the 4 principles of great visualizations and shared insights from working with these top athletes and how he applies that in his own life & business.

After this episode I promise you’ll be better equipped and super motivated to take yourself to the next level. Like a sports champion, but in your own field and life!

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Allow me to introduce High performance expert – Allon Khakshouri

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Allon Khashouri talks about his background. How he managed professional tennis players.
  • Allon talks about what his next step when he realized his skills.
    Talks about invisible programs.
  • How to re-program yourself. Talks about money.
  • How to manage your money better and talks about building habits.
  • Talks about habits and compound interest.
  • How to have a champion mindset if are not raise in such environment and don’t have a winning team around you, how do you create within?
  • Talks about shifting from a tennis coach to an entrepreneur.
  • Athlete’s strategies that can be apply to entrepreneurship.
  • How to identify the story and beliefs that needs to break.
  • Athletes do that entrepreneur should do more.
  • Entrepreneur in sports and where can you find him.

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