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Tips For Starting A Successful Blog





Episode #29 - Leslie Samuel

My guest this week is the awesome Leslie Samuel.

Leslie is a former university professor and the creator of ‘Become A Blogger’ – a blog dedicated to the craft of professional blogging. He’s also the founder and host of a podcast called ‘Blogging with Leslie’ in which he interviews other bloggers who have built successful platforms.

Leslie has a passion for education, and has taken on the mission of – as he calls it – “Changing The World, One Blog At A Time”.

In this interview we discuss how to build a blog that can eventually build you audience, which will eventually you’ll be able to sell products to.

We talk about how to start writing content when you don’t have any audience to consume that content. We also talked about what it takes to create a blog as a side hustle.

We talked about tips for maintaining healthy relationships while working on side hustles and online businesses.

We then got into talking about the big question: Which should come first? The social community or the blog?

Finally, Leslie gave one final tip about starting a podcast. 

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • 0:47 Sagi introduces Leslie.
  • 3:51 Leslie talks about how he transitioned from being a professor to becoming a blogger.
  • 6:41 Leslie explains how leaving his regular job as a professor to pursue blogging was rough for him and how long it took for things to normalize financially.
  • 9:10 Leslie explains exactly how he earned money from his blog.
  • 11:37 Talks about how to build an audience for your blog who will eventually bring you revenue and to whom you can sell your products.
  • 15: 09 Explains how to find your niche and how to create great content that will bring you traffic.
  • 18:01 talks about the importance of research such as using GA for better profitability.
  • 22:00 Shares tips to improve your blog’s ranking in Google more quickly.
  • 22:47 How to find the inspiration and time to create great content.
  • 28:37 Talks about finding and hiring a VA to delegate tasks for more productivity and better time management.
  • 37:29 Talks about the importance of being in sync with your partner if you have one and taking care of your relationship.
  • 44:14 Explains how to create a community in 2019 and beyond and the best places to create and establish a community.
  • 54:34 Explains how to create a feedback mechanism for podcast audiences and how to get them to come back to you..
  • 59:22 Explains how to get people to care about your podcasts and listen to those when you are just starting out.

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