Episode #15 - Itay Adam

Itay Adam is a serial entrepreneur and is one of my mentors in business.

He has made millions, lost millions, he has been active on the dark side of the internet as well as the bright side.

He built startups – product companies – and pitched to investors, and he was the one always telling me to raise my prices as a creative.

Every time I talk to Itay he inspires me to reach higher and stop bitching about things.

So in this interview, I just wanted to let YOU have the ‘Itay experience’ the same way I do every time I talk to him.

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Links & Resources from the show

Key Points from the Podcast

  • Itay Adam introduced himself. Talks about his previous works and entrepreneurship.
  • Talks about entrepreneurship platform.
  • Talks about being an influencer and the entrepreneurship game.
  • Stages of entrepreneurship.
  • Talks about money.
  • Talks about taking some investment from others and fundraising.
  • Talks about cryptocurrency.

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