The Strategies in Building an Agency (w/ Monica Louie)



Episode #72: The Strategies in Building an Agency (w/ Monica Louie)

Monica Louie is known as a Facebook ads coach for entrepreneurs. She owns a 9 people agency, including herself, that help her in her podcast, online course for coaching, speaking and Facebook ads coaching.

Before the agency, Monica started with private coaching and her network reached out for help with their Facebook advertisements. At the end of 2017, she started to build a course where she could help coach a lot of people for a low price. She then slowly hired people to help her manage Facebook ads for businessmen who asked for her help.

Monica dealt with different VA’s that were not able to meet her expectations, luckily, she met someone and hired her as her virtual assistant that can help her manage, keep track of invoice and do administrative task while she works with her clients. March of 2018 was when she decided to hire more people to help Monica manage more clients.

We talked about how creating her own podcast helped her get more clients for Facebook Ads services.

We also talked about streamlining things to be more efficient and still keep the quality high, so that team members can take on more clients.

Lastly, Monica gave out some tips on how she documented the process and how she managed the onboarding of new employees.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • The status of Monica’s Agency
  • How Monica’s agency started
  • Growing the team for the Agency
  • What is the benefit of working as a VA for Monica?
  • How did Monica get more work?
  • Tips in growing an agency.
  • How does Monica document the process?

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