The Right Perspective for Success (w/ John Vuong)



Episode #86 - The Right Perspective for Success (w/ John Vuong)

“Perspective is everything.”

Finding that you aren’t reeling in as much as you thought you would could be a very discouraging feeling, but sometimes, the way you view things could mean turning the tables.

For today’s show, I invited SEO specialist and founder John Vuong to talk about his journey in life as an aspiring entrepreneur. Moving to Canada with his family, John Vuong stopped at nothing to open doors to more opportunities in his life. He found his passion in the SEO industry and even started his very own SEO company.

We’ll be talking about how Knowing the process is vital to your game plan, but it’s just as important as enjoying the process. For John, “Perspective is Everything.”

Tune in as we discuss how John worked towards the peak of his career from the ground up. He is an SEO Specialist and founder of Canada’s 4.9-star SEO agency. Being the owner of Local SEO Search for the last 8 years, John’s mission is to provide local businesses with the right products such as websites, services, and knowledge to grow and expand in their industry.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Enjoying The Process
  • John’s Story
  • Perspective is everything
  • Asking The Right Questions
  • Uncovering a Need in The Marketplace
  • What Value Do You Bring?
  • Make Yourself Stand Out
  • Add More Value
  • Enjoy What You’re Doing
  • Giving Value
  • Dealing With Overwhelm
  • Learn to Be Grateful
  • Living a Full Life

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