The Life Coach that uses metaphysical principles to transform lives (w/ Coach Blair Robinson)

The Life Coach that uses metaphysical principles to transform lives (w/ Coach Blair Robinson)



Episode #26 - Blair Robinson

Blair Robinson, or as he calls himself – The Naked Coach, is a successful coach that while still being a coach and working with people to transform their lives – has done something that many coaches don’t do: He built a community of over 34,000 people called “Practical Metaphysics” and is engaging with his community and putting out content on a regular basis.

Blair is practically the master of Facebook groups and is an experienced coach with a very interesting take on coaching from a metaphysical perspective.

In this conversation we talked about his story, then got SUPER detailed on the topic of Facebook group growth and engagement strategies (also got some practical tips on how to start one of your own if you haven’t yet).

Eventually we got to talk about coaching and he gave me some tips on that as well.

This was a super interesting conversation for me, and if you’re into coaching or launching/growing your own Facebook community – you’ll find some super practical strategies and tactics to apply immediately for your brand.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Blair Robinson’s introduction: talks about his family that he grows up, his background, his career and how he evolved as a coach.
  • Blair shares about his childhood experienced.
  • Talks about being a coach.
  • Talks about his community. Talks about Facebook ads and tags.
  • Talks about email list for building a community and other strategies.
  • Talks about Facebook group.
  • Explained the process of his business.
  • How he deal with productivity issue with being engage with his community.
  • How to get more engage in Facebook group.
  • How to make people engage in what you are doing. Talks more about strategies.
  • Tips for people who wants to start their own Facebook group community and how to make it grow.
  • Tips for start-up.
  • Coaching with metaphysical principles.
  • Tips on how to coach other entrepreneur.

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