The Importance of having a Vision (w/ Calvin Wayman — Best Selling Author, Coach and Entrepreneur)



Episode #2 - Calvin Wayman

Calvin Wayman is an extremely successful entrepreneur: A best selling author, a podcaster (Curious with Calvin Wayman), speaks about creative entrepreneurship and social media across the globe, has a social media agency that he built from scratch. 

But most of all – he’s my personal life & business coach! He took me from my worst entrepreneurial moment and brought me to success!

This interview will be of super high value to anyone building their personal brand, vision, and business.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Calvin shares about his life, being part of a polygamist family, the pros and cons of a polygamist, the struggles he faced while studying and how he change his beliefs. [00:00:55]
  • He talks about entrepreneurism. He shares about the importance of having a vision and knowing your own purpose. He also shares how he transform from having a “cubicle job” to being an “entrepreneur”. Calvin shares the importance of declaring things that will happen to your future and taking the risk to move closer to your vision. [00:02:52]
  • Calvin shares his beliefs in “declaring to be a millionaire”. How he adapt “universe talks” and the importance of the magic of taking action. He also shares about the “YES or NO” questions in doing things and his beliefs in “you can create your own reality”. [00:10:52]
  • He also shares about the importance of staying consistent in your own beliefs and identity. [00:15:27]
  • Calvin shares about his program on taking people out of debt. He also differentiate the good expense and bad expense. [00:18:52]
  • He also shares about how to find and choose a good and the right coach. The questions you consider to ask to yourself in choosing a coach and talks about the qualities of a coach. [00:20:37]
  • Calvin shares his insights about not focusing on the short term, but for the long term. He also added about listening to your gut and acting to your own intuition. Calvin also shares about the importance of disconnecting yourself from the outside world and be connected to your core and your calling. He also shares the importance of meditation to his life. [00:30:08]
  • Calvin gives recommendation for books, podcast and a Youtube channel his following. [00:37:39]
  • Calvin gives Sagi some tips about launching a successful podcast. [00:41:48]
  • Where can you find Calvin Wayman.

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