Episode #84 - The Habits of Pushing Yourself To The Next Level (w/ Jean-Pierre De Villiers)

“Your habits are what you become.”

Having a good outlook on your life and career can significantly help motivate you to work on it.

But have you asked yourself if you’ve set a daily routine and developed these steps into good habits?

For today’s show I invited Jean-Pierre De Villiers, High-Performance coach and founder of the Best Life MBA. It is a coaching membership over the internet which zeroes in on providing the best education, inspiration and motivation accessible to the world.

We’ll talk about how winning your mornings can determine a prosperous path to success. We’ll also talk about ways to help improve your habits, as they ultimately reflect how you live your daily life.

Join us as we tackle the practice of setting one strong intention for the day. Jean also talks about how energy is everything, and that being tired constantly indicates a problem.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Good Habits
  • Winning Your Mornings
  • 10 Breaths
  • Setting Your Intention
  • Being Courageous
  • Being Tired is A Problem
  • Awareness
  • 20-20 Vision Exercise
  • JP’s Morning Routine

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