The Blue Ocean You – What it REALLY takes to build an online business (w/ Mark Bowness)



Episode #87 - The Blue Ocean You - What it REALLY takes to build an online business (w/ Mark Bowness)


“Detach yourself from the noise, and find the ‘blue ocean YOU’”

Why go through the hardships of competing against others in an existing market, when you can be the first and only contender in your own?

Today’s show features Mark Bowness as he talks about how he established a large community of 34,000 coaches and built himself, learning to detach from outcomes and creating a successful online business. Now at the top of his game and continuing to further improve himself and his career, Mark sits with us to pass a bit of his knowledge over.

We’ll be talking about how Mark grew his own business, “We Build Tribes,” and how far the reach of an online business can stretch.

Stay tuned as we tackle the subject of dealing with many factors in online businesses, such as delegating the right tasks to your subordinates and making sure you’ve got a good grasp on what it is you’re passing onto them. We’ll be talking about how overwhelming it can get, and exactly how we can deal with that feeling of overwhelm by dividing what needs to be done into 5 different weekly tasks.

Mark Bowness is the founder and director of We Build Tribes, helping thousands of coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners improve and build their own tribes. He first founded his international business by leasing a 200 acre-island in Fiji to invite the world, welcoming them to become “tribe members.” This project, “Tribewanted,” earned the spotlight in over 200 media outlets globally.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Building Yourself
  • Detaching From Outcomes
  • Building Resilience
  • The Blue Ocean You
  • Learn, Then Delegate
  • Dealing With Overwhelm
  • Focus on 5 Weekly Tasks
  • Time Management

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