The 3 Components of a Successful Facebook Ads Campaign (w/ Monica Louie — Facebook Ads Expert)



Episode #5 - Monica Louie

Monica Louie is a Facebook Ads coach for entrepreneurs, which makes her – well – an entrepreneur herself 🙂 
She has helped many high achieving entrepreneurs – including Pat Flynn – raise their ROI and improve their Facebook Ad campaigns, coaching them through the process.

In this talk we’ll go into the topic of Facebook Ad strategies for solopreneurs, but also dig into her story of becoming a debt conquerer, and a proud work from home mompreneur! 💪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙌

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Monica Louie, a Facebook Ads coach and strategist, shares how she helps online entrepreneur promote their businesses through Facebook Ads. [00:00:49]
  • How she shift her priorities when she got married and have a son. Having a flexible schedule and spending more time with her baby. [00:01:26]
  • Her previous job in a financial services company into her latest career as Facebook Ads coach and strategist. [00:02:12]
  • How she learn about Facebook Ads. Her inspirations and coach. [00:07:33]
  • Monica shares her personal favorite color and the things she interest in like dancing and singing. [00:09:31]
  • Monica shares her tips in how to get out of debt. [00:12:00]
  • Monica also shares about her relationship with her husband and how it helps her with her job. [00:14:01]
  • How to use Facebook Pixel to your website, blogs and post. Tips on using Facebook Ads.  [00:20:18]
  • The 3 components in how to create a successful Facebook Ads campaign. [00:26:42]
  • What converts better in using Facebook Ads and what’s the best content you use in creating Facebook Ads. [00:30:05]
  • The impact of messenger bots in Facebook Ads campaign. [00:39:11]
  • Monica shares her Facebook Ads course. [00:49:44]

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