Navy Seal on Leadership & Action (w/ Sean Matson)



Episode #85 - Navy Seal on Leadership & Action (w/ Sean Matson)

“The hardest sell is that first sell. Once you do that, you’ve already broken down a lot of barriers.”

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the chokehold of a crisis? Sometimes, it may seem as if things aren’t moving, but that might mean that there’s still action to take towards it.

For today’s show I invited serial entrepreneur and former Navy SEAL Sean Matson to talk about how he was able to take his experiences out on the field and incorporate them into the world of business. We will also tackle the concept of “Work-Life Balance,” and if it really is an efficient way to go about your daily routine.

We will discuss the significance of action, and how it can cause large ripples of success in your life as opposed to succumbing to inaction. Every step counts, no matter how small.

Join us as we talk about the power of focusing on one thing. Locking onto one thing may not be for everyone, but for those who have the power to zone in on one ultimate end-goal, committing and staying consistent in working towards that goal will pave the way towards your success, if not directly bring it to you.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Introduction
  • Principles
  • Action vs Inaction
  • Sean’s Businesses
  • The ONE Thing
  • From The Battlefield to Business
  • Work-Life Balance: Is it broken?
  • Mental Toughness
  • Dealing With Crises
  • Treating People Right
  • Valuing Your People
  • There is No Such Thing as Perfect
  • Taking Small Steps
  • Accountability and Goals

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