Motivational Buddhist Scriptures - The Noble Eightfold Path

On this episode, I read and dissect one of the best pieces of self help and motivation coming straight out of the Buddhist scriptures!

This is amazing for entrepreneurs as it describes a true entrepreneur mindset -but I think it’s also relevant to EVERYBODY on earth right now!

You know how we have the 10 commandments? 

Well in Buddhism there is something similar – only it sounds more like a tony robbins piece than a religious one. 

Tune in as I read out of the English-translated Buddhist Chanting book, and go over The Noble Eightfold Path. 

The Noble Eightfold Path is an important guide for all Buddhists – and I believe we can all learn from it!

The Noble Eightfold Path entails that EVERYTHING is in YOU.

It says that everything is good as long as you are taking action and making progress, and as long as you’re being mindful and work on your mindset.

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