Marketing a digital product to serve millions of creatives (w/ CMO of Elementor – Ben Pines)

Marketing A Digital Product To Serve Millions Of Creatives (W/ CMO Of Elementor – Ben Pines)



Episode #25 - Ben Pines

Ben Pines is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Elementor – the popular page building plugin for WordPress.

Elementor has reached more than a million active users and is now considered one of the hottest plugins out there.

I’m personally using Elementor for my own websites and loving it.

In this conversation, I talked to Ben about how he came up and ended up joining Elementor 3 years ago and about his work there. 

Now if you’re a WordPress and Elementor fan – this conversation gets pretty technical at some point when I ask Ben about some features, so if you’re not technical about WordPress feel free to fast forward that part to the last 10 minutes of the conversation.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Ben, hope you do too!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Ben Pines talks about his background and how to bridge the gap in skills.
  • Talks about the growth and progress of Elementor.
  • How he strategies and set plans in infiltrating the WordPress community with Elementor.
  • How to start up the growth of digital product and get the word out.
  • What excites him in managing Elementor.
  • What is the strong suit of Elementor for digital marketing? The features of Elementor. Using Elementor versus other online courses.
  • How good and better plugin connects with Elementor. The Elementor’s new plugin.
  • Elementor in design space and animations.
  • Elementor with SEO.
  • Talks about personal growth, blogging and podcast.
  • Books recommendation.
  • Ben answers some questions.

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