Keeping the Personal Approach in the Era of Remote Teams & Customers (w/ Matt Barnett — Co-Founder of Bonjoro)



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Episode #6 – Matt Barnett

M&R fam, meet Matt Barnett – Papa Bear at Bonjoro – the app the I personally use and that let’s you send a personal video to onboard new leads to your business.

We talked about product entrepreneurship, personalization, personal connection with customers, how to use Bonjoro as a tool to connect with your audience and customers, and also about the trend of teams going remote and the end of the “work/life balance” myth.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Matt Barnett talks about his company, Bonjoro. [00:00:57]
  • Matt shared about his background, about being a designer and a founder. He also shared about his interest. [00:04:05]
  • He talks about brand and how important it is to your company. [00:05:46]
  • Matt shared more about Bonjoro, the updates of the management and staff and the growth of the business. [00:07:35]
  • Sage explained how to use Bonjoro. [00:10:46]
  • Matt shared about how to track people using Bonjoro and the right time and place to use it. [00:13:32]
  • He also shared about his plans for Bonjoro in the future. How important to spend time for your customer to build relationship. [00:18:19]
  • Matt talks about live chatting with Bonjoro. [00:21:05]
  • He shared the importance of being transparent in what you do. [00:23:28]
  • Matt shared about the importance of working as a team, not relying on remote but on people you worked on face to face. [00:25:42]
  • He shared about how excited he was for the future of Bonjoro and what he is looking forward. [00:30:27]
  • Lastly, Matt shared about limiting beliefs and not having the momentum. [00:34:32]

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