Invest in Yourself – Or Else (w/ Bob Gentle)



Invest in Yourself - Or Else (w/ Bob Gentle)

“Your business will only grow when you grow”

While it’s true that literally putting our money, time and effort into our business can do more than just help its growth, it’s important to note that also putting that same abundance of investment into ourselves will really shape our lives for the better. The question is: Have you started investing in YOU?

All of these resources are never wasted if they’re spent to help you realize your own values and goals as well as gaining a clear vision of them. In a way, you can consider it a form of self love. You’re helping yourself grow and evolve. As Bob Gentle stated, you can only learn when you’re moving. If you don’t move, there’s nothing to course-correct from. Life coaches, trainers, business advisors: They’re worth all the money. Remember, things you don’t know that you don’t know could get you in trouble, and the best way to avoid that is by investing in yourself. Invest in your growth to expand and evolve, to know what you initially didn’t.

Today’s episode features our returning guest and business coach Bob Gentle as we talk about “Masterminds.” Forming your own Mastermind is one of the most helpful self-investments out there. What’s a Mastermind? A Mastermind group is a meeting between multiple peers with the objective of giving each other helpful advice. The goal is to give and receive your own advice or life lessons to each other in order to collectively benefit and grow. To form a mastermind group, you should find at least five or six of other fellow entrepreneurs who share similar ideals with you.

Tune in as we discuss various topics to help fast track your success and build the steps leading to your visualized success. This episode breaks down topics such as recurring revenues, predictability, and the various entrepreneurial hurdles that aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike will encounter somewhere down the line.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Bob’s Story
  • Clarity of Vision
  • Moving and Learning
  • The Mastermind Loop
  • The Grand Vision
  • Why People Should Invest
  • The Secret University
  • Forming/Finding Your Mastermind
  • Being A Student
  • Set Your Intention
  • What You Don’t Know

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