How to Tap into Mainstream Media as a Solopreneur (w/ Christina Nicholson — PR Expert)



Episode #11 - Christina Nicholson

Our guest today is an award-winning journalist & PR expert with more than a decade of experience in TV & Media. 

She’s been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, the Huffington Post, Time, Yahoo, CNN, News 12 in NY, and many other media outlets.

In this interview, she and I talked about how to utilize mainstream media and PR as solopreneurs.

This is definitely something I’ve been wanting to dig into lately so this interview comes at the perfect time for me.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get more exposure for your business and for yourself as a personal brand, you’ll surely find this interview super useful and full of both strategies & tactics.

Ladies and gents, it’s my pleasure to present to you… Christina Nicholson.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Christina Nicholson shares about herself, her career experience with TV and media, how she switch to flexible time job, her public relation work and hosting experience. [00:00:30]
  • Christina give insights of the importance of making your social media looks good. How Google calendar helps her with everything she wants to do. The importance of organizing everything and by using timeblock. [00:01:55]
  • Time-blocking her business and her family time. Using Google calendar to make things work. [00:04:09]
  • Christina gives suggestion on how to use public relation in business for specific niche target. How to be tagged as expert and giving a quote. Focusing on the target people using your expertise. [00:06:00]
  • Using your own platform for the people and making it looks good. How to be promoted with new audience. Hiring people to save time in creating content in different areas in target business. [00:10:23]
  • Christina gives tips on how you can be on mainstream media. [00:13:31]
  • Knowing your news story and making it newsworthy. [00:18:25]
  • Christina explained where to begin in reaching out people through media. She shares her personal experience and the lesson she learned from it. And how to earn media to reach out more people. [00:21:30]
  • Reaching out more people using local news, media or TV. Christina shares her experience about it. [00:29:06]
  • The difference between local media and online media, and how to use it for your target people. [00:33:08]
  • Reaching out big influencer with big number of followers vs. small influencer with small number of followers. She shares her experience in how she differentiate the two and how ROI results from what you choose. [00:36:50]
  • Christina shares about how you can get more followers and become influencer in Instagram. She also added the things you need to do in Instagram. [00:41:40]
  • Christina give tips on how to pitch on media. [00:44:30]
  • Christina’s recommendation of books and apps. [00:55:11]
  • Christina gives suggestions how to get big clients on the starting of your business. [00:53:56]

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