Episode #23 - Jeff, Ben and RJ

Hey everyone.

This conversation was recorded at Fincon 2018, and it’s with 3 amazing individuals who have built successful blogs that get over 100 thousand visits per months and monetize these blogs with affiliate sales and info-products.

These individuals are Jeff and Ben from Dollarsprout.com and RJ from TheWaysToWealth.com

In this conversation I wanted to ask them – how did they do it? How did they create such a successful online brand? What’s their secrets?

If you’re looking to start a blog or an online brand, or if you already have one and are looking to scale it, THIS would be highly beneficial to you.

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Links & Resources from the show

Find Jeff, Ben & RJ at:


Recommendations for books & apps:

Email Campaign:

Key Points from the Podcast

  • RJ introduced himself and what he does. [00:01:06]
  • Jeff introduced himself and what he does. [00:01:30]
  • Ben introduced himself and what he does. [00:03:14]
  • How Ben and Jeff met. [00:04:16]
  • Talks about launching and how to approach it. How they come up with their online business. [00:06:02]
  • Tips for those who wants to create a blog. Talks about affiliate marketing. [00:16:32]
  • How to market a blog. Talks about Pinterest and email marketing. [00:26:50]
  • Parting advice from Jeff, Ben and RJ. [00:43:04]

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