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Episode #27 - Pete McPherson

Pete is an entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster that is all about helping other create successful & profitable blogs.

He’s the founder of the blog and podcast DoYouEvenBlog and Blogger U.

Pete quit his day-job in 2016 (the same year I did), leaving behind a $70K a year salary for launching his blog and podcast.

Since then he’s been growing his empire, interviewing some of the most successful bloggers and online business owners in the world, launching an online education platform for bloggers (Blogger U), and of course – blogging 🙂

In this interview I’ll be talking to Pete about how to grow a blog the right way. We’ll probably be getting into the tips on how to build your online presence as a side hustle, and then monetizing. We’ll also talk about some tools of the trade (as we’re both geeks and love to discuss technology) and we’ll also be hearing what excited Pete the most these days.

If you’re into launching your own blog and online presence (or you already have a blog and looking to monetize) – this will be a value pack session for you!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Sagi introduced Pete McPherson: talks about FINCON 2018. [00:00:13]

  • Pete shares about his background story and about his blog writing. [00:03:47]

  • Pete tips on how to get your audience. [00:14:43]

  • Tips on how to start and grow your blog. [00:21:16]

  • Talks about his podcast, blog and SEO. [00:27:58] 

  • What does Pete did after he published his blog. [00:30:56] 

  • Pete’s biggest challenge. [00:36:58]

  • Peter talks about SEO keywords. [00:41:57]

  • Tips in managing podcast. [00:48:22]

  • Talks about his resources of learning. [00:51:46]

  • Pete’s recommendations. [00:56:56]

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