Having The Vision For Success (w/ Pete Everitt)



Having The Vision For Success (w/ Pete Everitt)

“Set your goals, track them, and that keeps you aligned to that vision of success.”

It’s certain that one point in time, one way or the other, we’ve all visualized where we’ll be in the future. We’ve all figured out what our big goals are, and what our endgames will be. As entrepreneurs, having a clear vision of where you’ll be almost to the point of immersion is a fantastic feat in itself. Clearly seeing your destination is very important.

But sometimes, we’re so caught up and focused on our destination that we forget about the journey.

For today’s episode, I invited Digital Strategist and entrepreneur Pete Everitt to talk about how goals can be overwhelming, and how sometimes we encounter hurdles in figuring out how to find the bridge connecting point A and our visualized point B. Fortunately, Pete’s here to help us properly manage big goals by breaking them down into smaller chunks and deconstructing them.

Tune in as we discuss various topics to help fast track your success and build the steps leading to your visualized success. This episode breaks down topics such as recurring revenues, predictability, and the various entrepreneurial hurdles that aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike will encounter somewhere down the line.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Pete’s Story
  • Recurring Revenues
  • Predictability
  • Getting New Clients
  • Entrepreneurial Hurdles
  • Carrying Out Your Plans
  • What Real Entrepreneurs Do
  • The Power of Flexibility
  • Taking One Step at A Time
  • Getting the Rhythm
  • Setting Goals
  • Knowing Your Big Goal
  • Deconstructing Goals
  • Ripples of Success
  • Envision Your Dream Life

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